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This weekend we played in St. Louis Sunday morning.  So we went down a day early to see our good friend, Carter Hulsey, in concert! :)  We didn't get there in time (Carter told us the wrong time... boo) so we only caught the last 30 seconds of his set-- but he sounded GREAT!  We are so proud of you Carter!!!!!!

BUT we did get to hang out with him for a little bit!!  He showed us the tour bus!  Here is us by his bunk on the right side! :)

We also got to meet Chris, Carter's Roommate, who's in the band NeverShoutNever!-- he's doing pretty well for a 18 year old... I really like his music!  Search NeverShoutNever on iTunes-- his songs are so catchy!

What was so fun is I was able to spend tons of time with a dear friend of mine, Caitlin-- she is a huge Carter Hulsey fan as well!!!


Here's Brady and Carter running the merch booth--  I love their friendship! :)

9,000 bands later, NeverShoutNever finally went on... the show was great-- so hippie-like!  We had a blast! :)

It was a great weekend!

Now Brady is working so hard on the album, and I'm still working on my "book" for Disney--  I'm over half-way done so that is great!!!  Disney music has been playing non-stop in our house!  I hope Brady doesn't kill me before we get out there!!! haha!! :)

carter hulsey fan,

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