knee deep in magic

glitter, glue, mickey ears, puffy paint, foam, stickers, stamps, ribbon, markers, felt, crayons, buttons-- what do all of these things have in common??  Right now, as a type... my hands are caked in all of the above.   Early this morning I started working on a project, and I had NO idea what I had gotten myself into!

A couple days ago I headed to Camdenton, MO to visit my mom and dad and pick their brains on what I should do creatively to get Disney to want me to work for them!  We came up with a cool 6-page card thing but it is A LOT of work!!  Especially since I know it's just going to end up in the trash-- (hopefully not with my resume though!!)   I'm making three identical magical cards to send to people who are in charge of casting!!  :)

My kitchen table has turned into a magic-making machine!!!!  It will be years before I get all the glitter out of the carpet! :)

I'm having so much fun-- so far today I've watched Alice and High School Musical 3... I'm brushing up on Disney trivia!! :)

crafty pants,

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