first post

I am now entering the wonderful blogging community!  Having completely FAILED at this on WRENT'S myspace blog.... I thought maybe if I didn't think weird people were going to read this and my mom could actually navigate through my posts, then I'd give this a shot!  So here we are...

Some things to keep in mind while being on our blog:

1) We don't have kids- so our blog is going to be pretty selfish and less entertaining...  but we do have cute nieces and nephews-- check "JESSICA" and "JAMIE"'s blogs on our "lovethesepeople" tab on the right-- they will have funny and clever things about their kids on there...

2) I was not a journalism major and neither was my cute husband...  so please entertain my mis-spelled words, lack of punctuation and not-very-clever, witty, or funny posts...

3) We really like our dog...  we will be blogging about her often--  above you'll find a picture of her LOVING the fact that we live next to a big field...  she thinks she owns the place!

happy first day of our blog!! :)


  1. YES!!!!!!! First comment on the first post! I feel like I just won the lottery - like an Annabelle, Jen and Brady lottery ... But still! I'm hooked on the blog already. Can't wait to hear the misadventures of the Moo.

  2. You have finally joined the bloggin' world. Welcome:)

    We can't wait to read about your future adventures! Keep us updated frequently.