A month and a half ago we traveled to Brazil and met some of the greatest people on the PLANET!  Seriously!  Such amazing friendships were made in such a beautiful country-- the whole trip was simply magical!

Not only did I take away a changed heart for a broken country and a new-found love for a precious ministry (gospel for brazil)... but ALSO my GREAT friend, Jen (check out blog "JEN" on the right... and her awesome store "REMNANT"), really encouraged my love for photography.

Now, I know I'm not a professional and I know I don't have everything mastered yet... but I am having SO much fun learning!  So THANK YOU to all of my family who has posed for 1,000 of pictures the past few weeks!  Also THANKS for being so beautiful...  I am so so thankful and so so blessed!!!!

So here are a few of my latest shots!!! :)

say cheese!

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  1. I love the pic of A in the guitar case! Great moment! :)