my "graduating" class

dale is the cutest,


i love it

I'm so sorry my bloggy-friends.  I have been WITHOUT INTERNET!!!!!!  UGH!  The nerve of some corners of the earth not catering to my every blog-whim is just devastating!

So, that's my first excuse.  My second is… I've been learning a lot of top secret magical stuff these past two weeks!  I've loved EVERY moment!  Getting to work in the entertainment department is the dreamiest dream come true for me!!  I passed all of my FUR training!  HIP HIP HORRAY!  and Yesterday survived my first shift by myself without my training wheels on! :)  I really have the best job on the planet.

Tonight I head to the Hollywood Studios to a DANCE PARTY!  Guests get to DANCE with their favorite characters in front of the hat! :)  It's incredibly hot but it's so fun getting to dance with all the cute little kiddos!  PLUS an added bonus is I have the privilege of getting ready above the GREATEST movie ride on the planet!!!

Thanks for following us along this journey and praying for us along the way!  We feel so loved and blessed!

We move into our new apartment on August 5th!  Start planning your vacations now! :)

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first day

Today I woke up early, put on my new fancy clothes, straightened my hair and headed to one of my favorite buildings on the planet.  I mean who wouldn't want to live at a place that has these for door knobs??
When you walk into the casting center you enter a circular "room" with special gold characters on top of the pillars aligning the room…
Then there is this super scary long hallway that you can walk up to and make an appointment or ask a friendly Disney cast member some silly question….  (I also remember sitting along this long hallway to see if I could transfer my Disney College Program position from ATTRACTIONS---> CHARACTER PERFORMER…  I think I was laughed at as they informed me that you can NOT change your contract once you get here… really fun to remember how defeated and sad I felt that moment and now almost exactly five years later seeing my dreams come true!!  YAY!)
I handed in my paperwork… saw a name next to my name that confirmed that I FOR SURE got the position that I wanted! :)  YAY!  ilovethatpinkdress.  They took my fingerprints and now we wait until the 22nd when I attend my traditions class and go to further training from there! :)  So excited to see this fun journey unfold.

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We made it!  We've been without internet for A WHILE!  But here's an update on what adventures we've been up to :)

All of our stuff is packed up in a FREE storage unit in Anaheim…

The drive was long… really really long.

Anabelle did a lot of sleeping:
My passengers were so incredibly cute:

We hit a HAIL STORM in New Mexico… WHAT?  That IS snow on the ground!!!

We left Camdenton and headed to K2-- where Anabelle met a new friend:
And I got to experience the best slip in slide on the planet!!!! :)

Right now we're sitting in Panera… using free internet! :)  hooray!  and looking up all of the apartments we've viewed so far…  Excited to pick a new home so ya'll can come visit soon! :)

is apartmentless the same thing as homeless?



We made it.  My sister drove up with my two nieces,  my Aunt Sara, Haley, Em and Andrew came into town and it's AWESOME!

I love family time.



nasty move

The movers took all our boxes.  The car is packed full.  The snacks are in place.  Our apartment looks semi-clean.

but we forgot one thing.

Remember this?
Well in six months this has turned into long brown hay covered in little Anabelle surprises.  And we kinda forgot that it was our responsibility to take care of this.

If you doubted how awesome the friends we have really are-- here are pictures to prove you wrong.

poop under my nails,


happy birthday america

Fourth of July at the White house was spent packing a LOT of boxes…  Which wasn't very patriotic.

So once night time came around we headed to our friends house because they live a block away from where Orange County shoots off their annual firework show.

We played with glowsticks, ate some more great food, sang God Bless America, and watched FANTASTIC fireworks!

living in the land of the free,


happy birthday to me


I woke up on my birthday to these instructions:  Get dressed, no makeup and be ready by 1:00 PM.

I walked out of the house, blindfolded by my husband and got into a car with Megan.

Our first stop was for me to go get a princess makeover where we met some more friends along the way:

Then we went to a winery where the appetizers were DELISH and we had the whole place to ourselves!

Then Megan said that I had to be home by 5:45 so Brady could take me to dinner so we would make our reservations on time.  We left the house and the blindfold went on again:




We ate, ate, ate, ate, ate, ate, ate, ate, ate lots of food and played games until 3:30AM!  BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!

24 is looking good,



We are home.  We are rested.

This was PERFECT TIMING!  We LOVED spending time in such a beautiful place, getting to see Jamie and Andy in action doing the things that they love and watching their ministry touch so many hearts REALLY blessed me.  I'm so incredibly thankful for this trip!

Here's some pictures of the camp and our trip!

Highlights were definitely:
Getting to lead worship together again- I didn't realize how much I missed singing with my husband!
Watching Dax sing with Brady during the concert-- he knew EVERY word!
Getting to wake up every day to fantastic family time!
Listening to Andy speak during Institute- he's such a gifted teacher.
Quiet time.  We felt SUCH peace!  God is SO good!