the rents are here.

My mom and dad rolled into town a few days ago and we are having the best family reunion!  I adore how much they love each other, their rivalry with me on who could love Disney more and my mom's laugh that makes her sound like she's been smoking since she was 4… 

Day one was spent at Animal Kingdom where I met THUMPER and MISS BUNNY!  Are you kidding me with the cuteness of these two little love bugs?  SERIOUSLY!

We rode Dinosaur… check out that back row of three musketeers!

is it wrong to have a crush on a dead guy?

Dad finally experienced Expedition Everest… you better believe I showed him where ever hidden mickey was, but didn't mention it went backwards!  (love that I always will have a roller-coaster partner in the coolest dad on the planet)

second. row.  and I TOTALLY just went with the flow!!!!

Getting to experience magic with your favorite people in the world really makes for a fantastic day!

i go in to the office on my days off,


boo! happy halloween!

I know that most people in the universe wait to celebrate Halloween in October-- but here in Mickeyland we celebrate EVERYTHING all the time!!!!  The pumpkins are out, the scary music is playing and I can smell pumpkin spice latte on every girl's breath!

This also means at Magic Kingdom you can find the princesses with their handsome princes.  These nights are hysterical!!!!!

what are you dressing up as?



Last Friday my very dear friend, Amber (who made magic with me in 2005 at THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE), and I went to Downtown Disney for a Girls Night Out!

We ate at T-Rex (which is quickly climbing the food chain as one of my favorite restaurants here)… and then got to play some uber-magical virtual games at DISNEY QUEST!  (Our husbands think we are super-amazing that on our girls night we went to an arcade!  Right Brady??)

I didn't even have to go to the bathroom… but then I saw this sign-- let's just say it had me at "she"...
Jungle Cruise arcade game:  No offense, but I honestly think this thing doesn't work…  but the idea is fantastic!!!!!  and we laughed a ton and almost fell overboard too many times to commit to in writing.
This game had you driving these little cars that picked up big rubber balls and then shot them at other cars…  I drooled from laughter.
You're welcome Amber.

There was brutal honesty, memories remembered and made, tummy-hurting laughter and drool.  Let's not forget the drool.

i want to be like amber when i grow up,


me and the beast

Can you guess who this big paw belongs to?
i love exploring epcot,


cinderella's castle suite

We toured Cinderella's Castle Suite…  it was incredible!  Honestly could post a hundred more pictures of this AMAZING place!  :)  

suite dreams,


new zealand mini golf

My dear friend Livvy and new friend Ivy have been staying at our place the past week.  We've had so much fun watching them explore Orlando and hearing their stories at night!  What a blessing to have such two fun girls under our roof this week!

On their last night here we all went to play mini-golf!  This time we went to Winter-Summerland and it REALLY got me counting down the days until Santa comes!
Ladies and Gents… my good friend, Livvy YULE!

and now, our series of hole-in-ones… be impressed and intimidated:

P.S. look what that little computer thingee says:

taking in one magical day after the other,

PPS- Thought you would be a little upset if I didn't post about Livvy's latest American food findings… CRACKER BARREL is now top of her list of yummies!  

 Holy Whip Cream Batman!


irish jig

We got to eat dinner the other night with some fantastic new friends that help run a Campus Crusade ministry for our fun College Program friends!  (College Program is what I did in 2005, Disney's college internship)

We went to Downtown Disney and ate at this fun Irish Pub (which has AMAZING bread pudding btw)… and has LIVE music and LIVE irish jigs!

feelin lucky,


my first retraction

To all my faithful readers,

I'm sincerely sorry to tell you that one of my previous posts included false information.

Indeed, our once-beloved beach cruiser bikes were in fact… NOT STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!

Just taken away by the fire department because we had parked them under a stairwell (what?).

So here they are in all of their glory!!!  HOME SAFE AT LAST!!!!!!!!

I like Orlando people again.

was lost but now is found,


disney day

On my day off last week a few girls and I ventured to Magic Kingdom for a day of fun.  The park was not crowded at ALL and in less than four hours we were able to do so much!!  :)

I finally saw the Castle Show which was so magical!  The characters move their mouths and blink their eyes!

Starting with my favorite!!  DOLE WHIPS!  I can't say enough about these tasty-tasty treats! :)
Then we happened to run into Jack Sparrow! :)
Went on a Jungle Cruise!
Pirates of the Caribbean
Big Thunder Mountain:
Went to Minnie's house and found these cute little letters from three of my very dear friends :)  Love those tiny fairies!
Rode Goofy's Rollercoaster which is pretty much 7 seconds long and makes you laugh hysterically.
Found new hidden mickey's at Philhar Magic:

and got to watch one of the last showings of Storytime with Belle… it was so precious!  So glad I got to see it before it goes away!

can't decide if I like my days off better than my work days,



Brady and I ventured to one of my FAVORITE things to do on property-- PUTT PUTT!!  Disney's putt-putt courses are the best in the entire world…
brady: 0
jen: -1,

can you find the hidden mickey???