the book burner

Today I decided was a great day to build a fire.  Our house was getting cold and we're trying not to turn on the heat for as long as possible... so after stealing firewood from Jamie and Andy's house (thanks guys) we head back and I begin the process of building the best fire the log cabin has ever seen!!!

(this is not a google-image search... this is a real picture of my fire)

Recently my friend told me that a great way to start a fire is with old books... well since Brady doesn't read (side note... he CAN read, he chooses not to), I just read the same five books over and over again, and we're trying to downsize in EVERY area of our life... I thought what a great way to use our never-read books (because we're only going to get $.05 for them at a garage sale...) So of course, being the unselfish wife that I am... I start with Brady's pile.

I first pick out the ones that CLEARLY have never been read before and look as though they were just given to Brady.  Then I flipped through them to make sure there isn't any underlining, circling or other signs that this is Brady's favorite book... (I now know that it would have been much easier just to simply walk into the studio and ASK him... but this was more fun... and I am WAY more into downsizing his stuff, than mine.)  One book has a bookmark in it... and when I say "bookmark" I actually mean "love note from someone that isn't me"-- so immediately that book didn't stand a chance and went into the "fire starter" pile.

So I begin the fire starting process and it is going SO well...  I mean professional (see above picture)...  I go in and show Brady the "bookmark" and make sure he knows that I am clearly way cooler than the "bookmark" author... he then proceeds to figure out where I found it and that I'm burning some of his favorite books... OOPS...

(this is what is left of the book)

So to Brady- I'm sorry... To God-- thank you for giving my husband the most forgiving heart of anyone on the planet...  To amazon.com- we will be making some purchases soon!!!

my house is toastie warm!!!

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  1. You know... don't you guys have heat? Also, you now appear on the list of People-Who-Have-Burned-Books (I think there's a guy named Adolf on that list - I'm just saying). And I say that if Brady is not feeling as forgiving on another cold day he should start with QCT materials. Kidding... only kidding.