Debbie Jo, Brady and I headed to Springfield to catch an early showing of the movie "Surrogates"... (side note, a movie theatre in Branson closed recently... so now we only have three movies in town at a time  :(  Not too many options!)  We rated the movie a 7 on a 10 scale...  I gave it a 10 because after the show I sipped on McAlister's sweet tea as I grazed the isles of SAMS (oh how I love shopping at sams!) :)    I'm amazed at how great all the Surrogates looked... I'd love the see the special features on how they made their skin look so perfect :)

Currently I'm eating a banana and Anabelle is FREAKING out by my side trying to jump up and get it.  She is wild...

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! :)

not a robot,

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  1. But if you were a robot - you wouldn't tell us that you were. So maybe by saying you're not a robot you're just trying to lure us into a false sense of security ... maybe.