picking paint

How on earth are there so many colors of paint in the world?

Here's our spotted pad now that we have a few ideas….

this yellow is called "be goofy" from Disney's paint line…  I don't know if I love the color but I LOVE the name!!  

will you please pass me that roller?


new house


We're so excited about the new adventures that lie ahead in our new home!!!

Here are some of the "before" pictures… the previous owners took tremendous care of our home so luckily no big projects are in our near future-- but good 'ol timmy tim (aka my dad) is coming for a visit so we are going to use his handy-man services for sure!!!

We are so blessed to be able to call this new place our "home"… please join with us in prayer that this become a place where guests feel welcomed and loved and the Lord can do great works in our friends hearts when they visit here!!  :)  

Get excited for DIY updates and fun projects to come :)



it's friday people

we get down on friday,


i dream of stool

This is the stool I dream about:

However they are a lot harder to find then what you would think… I found one at an antique store that I l.o.v.e.d. but when I took it up to the owner she looked at me really weird… apparently it's hers, she uses it to hang things on the wall (lame).

So I've settled for this little gem I found at the same antique store… talked the same owner down to $4.00 (not lame at all) and I've been contemplating over what color it needs to be.

I found this unique color in SPRAY paint!  (I love spray paint)

Spent $3.49 at Lowes (improving home improvement) and now look at this:

Not to shabby for under $10 :)

i love projects,


the disco ball

When you work in Orlando, Fl in the entertainment business… you become friends with some interesting people.  Even people who walk around City Walk covered in mirrors… posing as a human disco ball…

it's all just smoke and mirrors people...

disco ball's adoring fans!

This is my friend Olivia, she stayed with us throughout the month of July… I've kept the door to her room shut these past few days so I don't have to acknowledge that she actually left… I feel like Rose on the wood door, floating, and yelling "COME BACK!!!!!"  PLEASE COME BACK OLIVIA!!!!

We spent her last night in town watching the Disco Ball and taking pictures next to this star… (oh we might have had an inpromptu photo shoot by the Universal Globe…)



that moo

we all love anabelle

and we all love a good side part

put the two together and pure bliss!!!

i'm a mom,


the chair

We went to visit Leesburg, Fl (and Grandma Bert) a couple days ago to help her with her computer.

We left with smiles, full bellies and a little stow-away in the back seat.

This gem was from Lake Port Square when my Grandma's friend's decided to redecorate… my gma scored it for $5… I swiped it from her for free (by "swipe", I mean she gave it to me for free…)

Well I found this little picture on one of my DIY blogs that I MUST stop reading immediately…

and got a few ideas…  I already loved the color of the chair gma gave us so this would be easy! :)

So we headed to Home Depot and bought the following:

A SAMPLE of paint: $2.97
Paint Brush: $1.99
Blue Tape: $7.49
Sander Blocks: $3.49

Grand Total: $15.94

I laid out garbage bags on our rented carpet and begun taping and covering every area that I knew I would eventually drip paint on…

I really felt like Tim Kinney's daughter when I used the bungee cord to hold the cushion in so I could paint behind there…  Proud to be a Daddy's Girl! :)
I sanded the heck out of the thing-- the shiny, glossy finish came right up!  PLUS I LOVE my new sander blocks… so much easier to maneuver than sand paper…

then I started the painting!  I did two coats to make sure everything was completely covered… plus my brush strokes looked pretty nasty since I didn't spring for the $8.99 brush…

Brady picked out the whitish color I was going for… and I really loved the name of it :)
and voila!  A shabby new chair! :)

i dim sometimes,