how i spend time on my lunch breaks

front row on the right,


chipmunk love

Livvy and I ventured to Downtown Disney and look what we found!!!!
Those little guys could not be any more cute!!!

hungry for acorns,



I know that most of my readers only follow to see what that Moo has been up to lately…

Well now she has entered the wonderful world of Skype… here she is skyping it up with Uncle Nate and Banx…
She never ceases to amaze us!

i can see you, can you see me?


welcome to america

I'm really enjoying giving Livvy a tour of America's finest cuisine… so far two restaurants that haven't made their way down to New Zealand have finally made their way into Livvy's cute little heart and tummy!


And Steak 'n Shake!





sad sad sad sad day

Tonight we went to eat with our precious friends, the hammonds, and came home to the worst "UN"sight ever.

Remember this?
Well, now it's no more…  stupid Orlando and your bike-stealingness…

I'm going to catch this crazy beach-cruiser-snacher on craigslist… don't mess with me and my mint-green bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!




A few days ago I had the honor of being in the princess tent at Magic Kingdom's TOONTOWN FAIR.  You stand in line and get to meet THREE of your favorite princesses!!  SO FUN! :)  You get autographs, your picture taken and GREAT one-on-one time with your favorite member of the royal family!!

We were just about to close-up shop in the tent when the doors opened for one last family.  About ten people came through the door and were greeted by Cinderella, Jasmine and Aurora…  but all we heard from their mouths was, "she isn't here".  Tears began to fill up the family member's eyes.  You see, today was a special girl's 20th birthday and apparently, she had her heart on meeting Belle today.  As tears seriously flowed down her cheeks she greeted each princess, had her picture taken and walked out of the room feeling defeated and sad because her dreams of meeting the yellow-ball-gown-wearing beauty was no-where to be found.

BUT ALAS!  Our story would NEVER end there… COME ON PEOPLE!  Who's blog are you reading!??  Cinderella does NOT allow tears in her kingdom… we are here to make dreams come true!  So after a little bit of pixie dust and some SERIOUS fairy-god-mother-wand-waving magic, we had the family come back in the room to the same three princesses she had already met.

Cinderella greeted the family with a wave and wanted to apologize for her absent friend.  Just as the tears were beginning to dry up-- Jasmine and Aurora pulled back the curtain to reveal the most beautiful Belle!  :)  The birthday girl ran up to the princess and hugged her so tight saying, "You are my favorite princess and my wish was not to come to Disney World, but to meet you."

Little did we know that our sweet birthday princess had made her last wish to come visit our beautiful princess Belle…

We don't know all the details of this families story, what illness our precious friend was battling, or how far they traveled.  But we do know that we made magic, tears disappear and a 20-year-old girl believe that pixie dust really truly exists!

don't stop believin,



So… today Brady's BFFAE came into town for a five day trip filled with magic!  This is Matt's first time to Disney World and I'm pretty sure he and I are competing for who could possibly be more excited for what the next few days have in store for us.  So tonight, we're sitting around chatting and the kitchen stove clock beeps TEN O'CLOCK PM-- do you know what that means?

WELL-- at exactly 10PM every night you can walk FOUR steps out of our front door and witness the world famous Magic Kingdom fireworks… for free…  BOO YAH!  Told you we lived in the coolest place on the planet.  I think we both jumped up and down a little bit in excitement…  To save Matt the embarrassment, I will add that Matt's jumping was very manly… in a magical sort of way!
So tomorrow Brady and I will make dreams come true and take our dear friend to experience the happiest place on earth!  So fun that we get to make magic together!!  :)

man i'm lucky,

PS… to my dear husband who hates that I adore his birthday so much, happy birthday!!!  You make me smile everyday- you make me laugh when I think I can't possibly laugh anymore and you continually make me realize how much I lucked out when I tricked you into saying "I DO".  You humble me everyday by the unselfish way you love me and you have made every dream of mine come true.  I don't know what I ever did to deserve you and I hope you will forever know how thankful I am!  Two fist pumps and a raise the roof dance in your honor, baby!


welcome home

Today we signed on the dotted line and added a shiny key to our keychains!!!  WE HAVE AN APARTMENT! :)

We love it and are so excited to move in!  The movers should be here this weekend or on Monday! :)



help preserve the magic

Precious family and friends-- as you all know, I adore blogging and keeping family and friends from near and far up-to-date with all adventures going on at the White house…

As you also know-- God has blessed us BEYOND MEASURE with this move to Orlando and this incredible job opportunity that is a complete dream come true for me!

So this post is just to remind you that Disney magic is exactly that… MAGIC!  I take it EXTREMELY seriously to preserve that magic and privileged Disney information.  So it's no surprise that it's very important to me that y'all do as well!  Please be aware of what you are posting on my facebook wall or commenting on my blog posts.  Please only refer to these magical characters by their name!! :)

If anything you write gets deleted or I don't respond to some of the questions you ask-- please know that it is not because I don't enjoy hearing from you-- it's because my job is on the line and I am entrusted to preserve something very dear to me!

I ADORE hearing from y'all and I LOVE that facebook and this silly blog keeps me in touch with all of you!

So… Help me and help Mickey keep the Magic alive!!!!  :)

Thanks for understanding!  I sure do love you all so much!

i still believe,


dancin' the night away

If you are ever visiting the Disney World resort and LOVE characters then be SURE to look up when the character DANCE PARTIES are! :)  Last night there was one in Tomorrowland and they are so awesome!  All the kiddos get to dance and play with their favorite characters!  Not to mention, Dale got REALLY excited about doing the hoe-down throw-down with a couple of Hannah Montana wanna-bes!!!!!  :)  The DJ was SO FUN and all the characters had an absolute BLAST!

Here are some pictures from the evening!  
Last night as Dale was boogey-ing with the cutest little boy… the boy leaned in and hugged Dale SO TIGHT, then looked up and said… "I'm your very biggest fan!" heart=melted.

Also, while Dale was busting a move he noticed a little girl crying and her dad trying to console her.  Dale snuck up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder-- her tears IMMEDIATELY melted away and the most GIANT smile appeared on her face… it ended up she was crying because she hadn't had a turn dancing with her favorite Chipmunk!!!!  Needless to say, Dale danced with her for the rest of the night!!!!!! hehe

i get paid to make magic,


yogurt and church

Yesterday I started training for my royal position!!  I am BLOWN away by the amount of research I'm required to do for this job!  I'm so excited about knowing EVERYTHING about my position!!  The integrity, the people, the GUESTS… I just LOVE it all!!!!  I will continue my training on Friday and Saturday of this week and attend dance parties in-between!!!!  YAY! :)

Last night Brady and I picked up my new friend, Livvy-- the cutest New Zealander EVER!
Livvy is here at Disney World for 12 months on an international program and works in the Entertainment department with me! :)  I adore her and so thankful I've found such fun friends already!!!!!  

We checked out  a young adults church service last night and then headed to MOCHI to introduce Livvy to the wonders of American yogurt with a zillion toppings!!!  Luckily, she liked the yogurt so hopefully I'll have someone to con into getting it with me at least three times a week :)
i know there will be pinkberry in heaven,