happy halloween



PS- we actually don't have halloween plans yet.  but whatever we are going to do is going to be wicked sweet and totally spooky.


happy unbirthday

My sister is the coolest.  I mean seriously.

Q: Who mails their sister a birthday party in a box??

I'm a lucky little gal!  She's spent her whole life unselfishly loving me and helping everyone take care of me and still is able to love me unconditionally a thousand miles away!  Hey Jessica… I think you are so rad!

it's july 3rd year-round here,

PS- special props to cute little brady for singing and carrying on the rest of the night…  best unbirthday ever!


my first call in

I've been working for the mouse for eight months now… and today I took my first sick day.  My throat is on fire!!!!!!!!!

Plus side== I feel pretty nifty that I'm officially a big girl and I'm actually getting paid to be sick and eat soup.

AND the Lord is doing quite a number on me because I was beginning to feel very prideful about my lack of "points"… (Mickey does a point system to make sure that his cast members aren't calling in all the time).

So… CHEERS to having to humble myself and call magic kingdom and tell them my throat feels like the part of The Lion King where Mufasa get's trampled to death.

hope these drugs work,

PS- the cutest little puppy is waiting for me to snuggle with her all day-- who needs throat drops when you have a yorky poo??



Last night while making magic in toontown at Magic Kingdom I was ending my night with the last few families.

Two little girls dressed from hair-bows to socks alike strolled up to Princess Aurora with "I'M CELEBRATING" buttons on.  Aurora asked them, "what are you celebrating today?"

The little girls looked at each other and one shyly responded… "My daddy just came home."

"Where was your king visiting?" Princess Aurora asked.

The girls looked at their dad and back to the princess and said, "He was in Afghanistan."


Lord, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to love on such sweet little girls and for giving this family a place to begin this new season of life in a fun environment.  Help me to remember what is going on in our world everyday and please bring all of those daddys and sons home to their families!!!!!!!

proud to be an American,


update on livvy and the us of a

LIVVY STILL LIKES AMERICA!!!!!!  And here are more of her eating adventures (because I know that is what most of my blog-readers are craving…)

PIZZA HUT!  I was so excited for her to try some of my favorite George Washington original cuisine… but she later informed me that they have Pizza Hug in NewZ-- go figure.
 and our second adventure to a yogurt place!  Pinkberry has found it's way to Sunny Florida!!  YAY!
my bestie has a cool accent,


vegas baby

VEGAS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow we had a blast.  The highlights were defiantly being able to spend time with family, seeing VIVA LA ELVIS (total crush on him), the S.P.A…. sigh… and seeing Brady's cute little car coming around the corner to pick me up at the end!

These girls trips are something I look forward to every year!  So glad I was able to be a part of it in 2010!!!! :)

viva las vegas,


world--dora, dora--world

A very important person (thing) has entered my life (once again) and thought it was pretty blog worthy!

My trusty high-school/college/college program/summer/kanakuk car has RETURNED!!!!!

Dora the explorer was welcomed with OPEN arms to Brady, Jennafer and Anabelle at approximately 3:31PM on October 1st.

Everyone in the family is doing GREAT!

so thankful for God's never-ending blessings,

PS- On the way to work yesterday Dora and I experienced a MAJOR milestone!!!
She doesn't look a day over 100,791


the last evening

Tim and Karen have departed.  Our home feels empty!!

We had a BLAST having my mom and dad around Florida for a while!  I think we totally sold them on the sunshine state-- I'm sure they are looking into homes as I type this!  

To celebrate a magical and memorable stay at the White's house we all went Putt Putting on their last evening here!

It was awesome and hysterical!!

Here are our traditional hole-in-one shots:

Can you tell which one isn't a statue?

cherishing the visits,

PS- happy 10/10/10!!!!!!!!  Go out and do something magical to celebrate!


mystery dinner

Brady and I attended our first Mystery Dinner!!!!!  There were SO many fun people there and hopefully our church youth group was able to raise a lot of money for their summer mission trips!

If I wasn't already in love with our church enough, this sealed the deal-- people went ALL OUT with their costumes!  It was so fun to try to guess who everyone was.

We didn't win prizes, but Brady was definitely the cutest one there!  He didn't stop shaking his tail feather the whole night!

who knew the old lady that lived in the shoe had a crush on the ugly duckling?


a day with royalty

look who I got to meet the other day!!!!!!
lucky me,


new pillows

While Grandma was visiting I conned her into bringing along her sewing machine to help me with my latest DO-IT-YOURSELF project.

I had been shopping at Anthropology (where I have lately been finding the BEST sales)-- and ran across some beautiful napkins.  I had been looking for pillows so I thought it would be pretty easy to make these napkins into throw pillows.

ESPECIALLY when you have a gifted Grandma to do the dirty work for ya!

1. Buy cute napkins.

2. Have your precious grandma sew them together

3. Stuff them 

4. Sew up the hole

5. VOILA!  PILLOWS!  Four new pillows for us for under $25.00 :)

come rest your head at our abode,


first trip to magic kingdom

My Grandma has waited 82 years to experience the magic that happens when you skip through the gates of Magic Kingdom…

We had the best day!  The cast members were great at sprinkling extra pixie dust wherever she went!  We had a blast showing her around and it wasn't crowded, so we were able to do EVERYTHING!  She was quite the trooper!

riding buzz lightyear---  mom won!

meeting the princesses in toontown--  this was her favorite part!

I FINALLY saw the electric light parade!  It's INCREDIBLE!  Hopefully I'll be able to be apart of this someday!

She met the mayor… and he totally had a crush on her!

people wait 82 years to visit my office,


happy birthday blog

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday biggity bloggity blog
happy birthday to you

365 days ago I embarked on a journey that I thought was doomed to failure.  BUT 365 days later I can say that I ADORE blogging.  I love having accountability to take pictures when my crazy husband has the urge to go do something blog-worthy.  I love being able to keep up with friends and family that live far away.

I'm obsessed.  That's all there is to it.

Thanks for following our adventures-- here's to another year!

make a wish and blow out the candle,

Here's my first post:

I am now entering the wonderful blogging community!  Having completely FAILED at this on WRENT'S myspace blog.... I thought maybe if I didn't think weird people were going to read this and my mom could actually navigate through my posts, then I'd give this a shot!  So here we are... 

Some things to keep in mind while being on our blog:

1) We don't have kids- so our blog is going to be pretty selfish and less entertaining...  but we do have cute nieces and nephews-- check "JESSICA" and "JAMIE"'s blogs on our "lovethesepeople" tab on the right-- they will have funny and clever things about their kids on there...

2) I was not a journalism major and neither was my cute husband...  so please entertain my mis-spelled words, lack of punctuation and not-very-clever, witty, or funny posts... 
3) We really like our dog...  we will be blogging about her often--  above you'll find a picture of her LOVING the fact that we live next to a big field...  she thinks she owns the place!

happy first day of our blog!! :)