fae sonic

I had a sleepover this weekend with the most fun girls on the planet!!  We started the evening out by watching funny youtube videos.  Surprisingly they hadn't been introduced to the wonders of Fae Sonic... We laughed so hard it hurt and had so much fun reenacting her fabulous dance moves and crazy facial expressions!!

We liked this video the best:

But this one has the best dance moves!

In the second video you see her doing a very professional flip down the stairs-- it took us a few times but we have now mastered the "Fae Sonic Super Sonic Stair Flip"-- Here is proof:

Haley went first and we laughed SO HARD at her efforts!!!!!!!!!!

Then I tried:

Then Emily went and did it perfectly-- like Kerri Strug gave her private lessons...  We are proud of you and your flipping ability Em! :)

No point to this post at all-- just didn't want to forget this fun memory with such fun friends!! :)

jen sonic

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