livvy makes pizza

Livvy makes homemade pizza!!!!!!!

secretly i think we both just wanted to wear aprons :)
and tries candy corn for the first time!!! :)

new zealanders are fun,



HANSON CAME TO EPCOT!!!  Hanson was the coolest band when I was in sixth grade!  I remember getting in trouble for hanging a Hanson poster on the wall above my bed…  haha--  Livvy, Thomas and I went and spent the evening walking around the countries and dancing to Hanson songs-- so fun :)

livvy loves mexico :)

 This is where Livvy and I first performed together! :)

 We ate this HUGE pizza at a new restaurant in italy!
 we walked a ton and decided wearing cowboy boots to epcot is a dumb idea… even if you are trying to impress a 90's boy band...
 we tried on costumes :)
special props goes to my dear friend Tara, who found her old hanson shirt and wore it! :)  I adore her a million!  So thankful I get to work with such amazing and fun girls! :)

it's a secret no one knows,



when you venture down to downtown disney on halloween night, you might find maleficent lurking around… or you might find a crazy girl who likes to blog ask a complete stranger to take a picture with her.

Either way… it's pretty spooky.
sorry i didn't post this picture earlier,


it's that time of year


1101 Is ready for SANTA!  :)  I weeded through my Christmas music… picked out the top 100… made a "christmastime" playlist and went. to. town.
our tiny tree!  packed with our favorite christmas ornaments.

 the stockings are hung on the air-conditioning unit with care...
 my dad made these years ago :)  such a special holiday decoration!
 our newest addition:  a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree… Brady has always wanted one and Santa came a little early this year! :)

santa clause is coming to town,


old shirts

When Brady and I decided to stop pursing music… it happened pretty suddenly.  And it left us with a TON of left over shirts.  We hung on to them… dragged them to California… hauled them to Florida… found a place to store them.  I just couldn't get rid of them.  I had watched the Lord do INCREDIBLE things through these mounds of multi-colored cotton clothing and they were more than just "MERCH" to me.

However the Lord really was working on my heart the other day… the way that He uses these shirts is by people WEARING them… so how on earth can we spread the message of the crazy amount of poverty our world is up against without people telling other people…

enter our life group…


The remainder of the shirts will be taken to the AXIS market place next tuesday night and given away-- so come on by!  Support local artists and pick up your free shirt!

being friends with us means you get our old merch,


haul out the holly

A few nights ago Lindsay and I literally SPRINTED through Magic Kingdom to catch the first glimpse of the Fairy Godmother lighting Cinderella's castle.

We both had chills the whole time!  It is SO magical!!  :)  Cindy knows how to decorate during the holiday season! :)

so it's christmas here,


cinderella and aurora

When walking into the magic kingdom your family might be randomly selected to enter a room and be greeted by Cinderella herself! :)  The other day Aurora had the opportunity to help Cindy welcome her guests into her kingdom and it was so much fun!!!!  I must say, it is WAY more fun to watch mom's enter the room than the little girls!!

Cinderella and Aurora are constantly getting mixed up-- can you tell these two apart???

i work with royalty everyday,


winner winner chicken dinner

Last week I was working at Magic Kingdom when I was asked to go clean the "teacups" room.  So I grabbed a friend, bleach and towels and headed to go make this break room sparkle! :)  But upon walking in I found tons of managers and some sort of "celebration"… we had accidentally walked in on the Quarterly Award party!  I immediately started walking back to the door, told a nearby manager that I would come back to clean and apologized for walking in when they said it was fine if we stayed.  So we cowered in the corner (to not get in the way) as we listened to them explain what the Quarterly Award means and about the person who was receiving it.

When SURPRISE-- it was for me!

I was in complete shock and totally humbled!!  I may be too famous to blog anymore… I'm sure I'll have my assistants to it for me from now on! :)  hehe

mickey likes me,


mr. penguin

Last week I had the privilege of working with Mr. Penguin for the first time!  Mary Poppins was SO delightful and super kind to her penguin-friends!  We had fun penguin races, jumped in the puddles, and stepped in time together!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It had been raining that day so Mr. Penguin had so much fun mimicking Mary with his own umbrella--  luckily she found it amusing as well…

everyday is a jolly holiday here,


meeting tiana and navine

The other day a few friends and me decided to go visit the characters from The Princess and the Frog! I hadn't met them yet and absolutely LOVED their interactions!  Tiana would say "Bye You" (bayou) to everyone… hysterical! :)  And Navine completely stole the show-- I overheard him telling a 2-year-old boy that when he was two years old he already had six girlfriends… :)

ribbit ribbit,


new wallpaper

In case your computer needed a new look… perhaps a fall cleaning-- I thought I'd provide these two little numbers to inspire you… feel free to right click, save document as, wallpaper.

cutest dog on the block,


my favorite character

This little chipmunk is the cutest chipmunk that ever lived!!!!!  :)  I would pick acorns for him all day long if I could!!
hey alvin,


i will now only answer to martha

The rumors are true folks.  The slight and wonderful hum you heard coming from #1110 is in fact a sewing machine.  I feel like writing my name on it with permanent marker.  Someone very special blessed my stinkin socks right off my little piggies.

my first project!  A baby blanket for my mom's house--  mypuppyissocute!!!!
 Next project-- APRON! :)
I own a sewing machine!!!!! 
pinch me… i have to be dreaming,


visit from the pops and the gogo

POPS AND GOGO WERE HERE!!!!!!  We had a blast!  They were only here for a few short days, but we PACKED them full of magic and pixie dust!  Being with these two is so comforting and refreshing!!  WE LOVED IT!  Living at the happiest place on earth has it perks… LOVELY PEOPLE COME TO VISIT YOU!  We LOVE visitors!!!!!!

Pictures can't capture the amount of fun we had…  but here are a few that tried:

 We played  Toy Story Midway Mania!!!!  I love this game!!!!  (not to name names… but blue is me)
 we caught a great glimpse of the castle at night :)  sigh...
 we saw flights of wonder at animal kingdom!!!  I LOVE that show!

 two lovebirds and the tree of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 first timers at animal kingdom!
 Pops celebrated his birthday while visiting..  here are our hole in one shots for the festivities!

 MVP: he made this shot while on the phone...

so glad i married into this,


my fishy friend

Yesterday at work I got to take pictures of a very good friend of mine!  Ladies and gentleman… blog readers from all over--  meet my wonderful friend… ARIEL! :)

my friend swims faster than michael phelps,