quincy fun

We are back in Quincy! :)  YAY!

We spent Saturday night with my mom and dad in Camdenton and had so much fun!  My dad was being particularly funny and witty and we laughed so hard!!  We woke up early Sunday morning... (left the yorky-poo behind...  sorry pooch...) and headed to one of our favorite churches in St. Louis!  We played there Sunday morning, had a fun and adventurous day of shopping and food and then played at their awesome college night!  God is so so so so good!  We then hopped in the car and drove to another home away from homes for us... QUINCY!  :)  We kept my aunt Sara up until 2:30 Sunday night...  (sorry to all of her students the next day... but I'm sure she was still fabulous even in her zombie-like state) and have been having so much fun just doing daily life with one of the greatest families on the planet!!

Last night Haley, Emily and I decided we have too many blackheads-- so we drove to Wal-Mart to remedy the situation!!

Brady and I have HUGE news!  As of yesterday morning at 11:09AM we have a new niece!!

Sweet Hannah Elizabeth Hamilton was born to two of the greatest people that I am BLESSED beyond measure to be related to!  I hope this little one knows how much she is loved already!!  Here's the little munchin just a few hours old!  We will be heading to Branson on Saturday to see her... it can't get here soon enough!!  

As if that isn't enough news for you to swish around for a little bit-- we have ANOTHER addition to our precious family!  Jamie-Jo and Hays returned home from Africa on Saturday with my new NEPHEW!  Tiki!!!  

We have been praying for this little guy for over a year and he is finally HOME!  To read about the incredible journey the Braner's have gone on please click on the blog "JAMIE JO" under the "blogsisecretlyread" tab!
This Thanksgiving Brady and I are well aware of the many blessing the Lord has poured out on us!  We are so blessed to be surrounded by amazing examples of Christ and a wonderful (growing!) family!  

"It is good to give thanks to the LORD and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; and to declare Your lovingkindness in the morning and Your faithfulness by night" Psalm 92:1-2

This Thanksgiving, my prayer is to constantly be reminded that EVERYTHING I have and EVERYTHING I am is purely and solely from Him alone!  We are blessed with so much more than we deserve.  



it's a christmas miracle

Family members, please guard your eyes from the awesomeness that is your Christmas presents this year...  Brady and I had so much fun making our own "custom" wrapping paper for all of our favorite people-- we recommend it for everyone!!!!!

back off grinch...  you can't ruin our christmas!



WE ARE BRILLIANT! (most of you already knew that, right?)

We wrapped the presents inside out!!

As you can see, we were about four presents short of wrapping paper, so I did go to Target and purchase some cute Santa wrapping paper for $3.00...

So, I know all you blog (stalkers) readers are thinking... Jennafer, I just threw up a little because your presents are so boring... NEVER FEAR!  Brady and I are having a Christmas presents decorating party...  We have all the supplies and we are ready to amaze you with our painting talents....

So watch out all you matching presents with pretty expensive bows on top...  we have acrylic paint and sparkle pens...

bring it on,


saving money at christmas

So, I feel like everyone is trying to cut corners this holiday season... and we are no exception.  I decided I didn't want to spend money on wrapping paper this year and use up our left-overs from years past... YUCK... try not to gag while looking at what I'm about to show you-- to my family members... I'm sorry....

To make the best of this situation we turned on the Christmas music...


And starting burning our pine-tree scent Christmas candle...  I'll report back when we're finished...

cheap skate,


a ride over los angeles

I can't believe that this just happened...

meet big blue--  

we wore the fun microphones!

in the center you will see some yellow flowers, then look to the left of that-- that is ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S HOUSE!!!!!  He invited us in, but we already had plans... sorry gov.

hooray for helicopters,


west side story

During my visit in Quincy I was SO glad I got to see two of my cousins rehearse for their upcoming high school musical WEST SIDE STORY!  Tonight is opening night for them and it's KILLING me that I can't cheer them on in person! :)  I am so proud of you girls!!  Break a leg tonight!!!!!!

Here they are with me... Lauren is on the left and Haley was too busy to get in the picture-- so she offered us her foot... thank you Hales...

On our way out we decided to pay some respect to two people who paved the QHS way for us...  Andrew and Jessica (shout out to our precious girls blog...)

I can't wait to hear how the show went!!!  I'm so excited for you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




DISCLAIMER-- this post is long... I'm sorry.

My life has been crazy these past three days!  I am completely exhausted!  and SO HAPPY! :)  I have had an absolute blast so far!  I can't believe Brady and I will be living here soon--  I'm so blessed to be married to someone who wants to do adventures with me! :)  God is so good and so faithful!!!

I last left you at Panera...  Side note-- I could drink a large panara green tea every day until I die and not regret it one bit.  Elaina walked in and I couldn't contain my happiness!  She is seriously the most beautiful person I've ever seen inside and out... she's amazing!  We chatted for a little bit at Panera and took our rental car back!  (Because Elaina graciously offered to be my chauffer this week... Brady and I saved over $300 dollars!  Thank you Lord!!  and HELLO SHOPPING SPREE!  justkiddingbrady)  :)  She followed me to the airport and later complimented (or dissed) my driving skills saying that I was a very "local" driver...  awesome.

We then drove to her extremely cute apartment that she shares with two extremely cute girls!  We got dressed for a little "hike" we were going on with her friends and headed out the door.  We get there and realize we are going to be climbing A MOUNTAIN... A MOUNTAIN!  Needless to say-  it's over 24 hours later and I am still having trouble walking and my toms will never smell the same again!  It was unreal!  Due to our many stops to play photo-shoot and our not-so-proper attire, we were behind the entire time...  but had a BLAST!  Here's some photos to prove it!

I have had so much fun meeting all of Elaina's friends!  They are so sweet...  the girl all the way on the right is Erin, and she shares a room with Elaina...  Krystal is the sweet girl in black and she has been SO much fun to get to know :)

this is about halfway up the mountain...  the view was AMAZING!
we were climbing to the top of this waterfall-- and we made it!  To be honest, in the below picture all I'm thinking about is how in this wide world am I going to get down... but check out that beautiful view!!!!
on the way down we realized that I was covered in dirt and everyone else looked like they hadn't even been hiking...  such a rookie...

We finally made it down the mountain... (barely)  and we headed down to the beach and walked up this amazingly beautiful cliff and watched the sun set from there-- it was absolutely PERFECT!

we then went to this amazing place called "tony's" to eat... where we ended the night with amazing cappuccinos with precious little hearts on them!

The following day we wake up and head to Julia Robert's favorite place to eat when she is in LA... and since Jules and I are such good friends, I trust her recommendations.  It's called Rose's something or other... I can't remember... but their chicken salad gives Hy Vee a run for it's money...  YUMMMMMMMM....

We then head to Hollywood where we go to this great vintage second hand store that has AMAZING deals and AWESOME clothes... and we walk the Hollywood walk of fame or stars of fame... I don't know what it's called but I finally saw the stars on the ground!  It was so fun!  PLUS I actually got goosebumps when I saw the REAL Chinese theatre for the first time!  Walt did a great job because it HONESTLY looks exactly like The Great Movie Ride...  (ilovedisney)

then they heard Jennafer of Wrent was in town and asked me to make my own handprints to put out front... after chatting with my agent we decided it would be okay... so here Mar and I are... pleasing the fans...

we then went grocery shopping and I was surprised to find out that groceries aren't that expensive here!  YAY!  We will be able to buy food!  :)  We bought some fantastic food and headed home for a night of movies, frozen pizza and a HUGE bowl of guacamole!

Then we got a call from one of Elaina's friends about a few bands playing for free-- so me, trying not to be a homebody and be more adventurous, trade in my sweat pants for some LA looking clothing (found in Elaina's closet... thanks lanie!) and head to this really fun club with some CRAZY music!  We laughed so hard all night and I'm sure annoyed most of her friends with our stories about Drivers Ed and Ms. Dooley... such fun memories!

Today we woke up and ate breakfast then made a picnic lunch to go eat with her friends in the park!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day here...  I told brady when I realized that we were going on a REAL picnic... like one on the ground... NOT a picnic table, I immediately regretted not wearing pants because grass always itches my legs... but even the grass here is awesome!  It's so soft! :)  haha!!!  We had so much fun talking with some more of her fun friends and then went to her friend's house to watch Ellen on the Oprah show...  (side note... I really really really like ellen.)

We came home... made some great pasta, turned on Father of the Bride and vegged...  Elaina is now at work and I am just laying and doing nothing for the first time in 6 days!  My legs and so happy!!! :)  I finally learned how to video chat so I got to see cute Brady and my puppy dog... so I will sleep great tonight! :)

Thank you for following us on this fun journey!  We are so excited!



panera. again.

Brady made it to the airport.   I had an ADVENTURE trying to find a silly Wal Mart around this place.  I went to one on some scary street and there were guards outside the front gate... so I decided to find another one---  then I saw a sign for Beverly Hills, so I just started to drive that way, because you can't get too scared around Beverly Hills right??  I played cell phone games until Panera opened and now... here we are again Gingerbread Latte...

Elaina should be calling me soon and we will head to her apartment and begin our weeks adventures!!

Yesterday, Brady and I looked at more apartments and found some really great ones!  Thank you, Lord! :)  One really ritzy one we looked at yesterday had social puppy hours.... seriously?  Anabelle will have a social agenda??  That might be a little too much for us!  But it was fun to pretend for a little bit!! :)

We then spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney and I was in HEAVEN!  I LOVE it there!!  It's SO different from Disney World but it still is so incredibly magical!! :)  We ate pizza and walked around and I gazed at everything that I'm going to want to buy after I get a cast member discount!!!  :)  It was awesome.

Still loving it here... getting used to the driving...  :)

love you all.


we are here.

my heart is shaped like mickey mouse-  I saw disneyland for the first time yesterday (well... since I was little) and it was hard for me to stay on the road!!  It's SO different from Disney World-- but still so so magical!  We looked at 13 apartments yesterday and we are getting ready to go look at 7 more... a few have stuck out to us, but we have decided we are going to only look at ones that are within BIKING distance to Disney... I'm going to be a bike rider!  Look out Lance Armstrong!!

We LOVE it here!  It's perfect-- MUCH different than I expected... but in a good way...  Everything is BEAUTIFUL!  We haven't made it to the beach yet- that will be later on today!  We're also stopping by Downtown Disney during our apartment hunting!  I can't wait to see what it looks like.

Brady leaves tomorrow :(  I take him to the airport at 3:00AM!  Please pray for safe travels for him!!  Then I will spend the week with Elaina which I am SO excited about!!

It's weird to be in a brand new place thinking that in a few short months, we will call this, "home"--  This is QUITE an ADVENTURE!!!!   I'm so excited for this next chapter for us!!

HUGE EXCITING NEWS... My sister, Jamie Jo, held her baby boy for the first time today!  RUK apparently jumped in her arms the moment he saw her saying, "Momma, Momma, Momma!!"  I can't wait to see pictures and meet this precious boy that God hand picked to be my nephew!!!!!!!!

Such a great day!!!  Sorry there are no pictures--  it's kind of boring!!!


beautiful wedding

Brady and I were honored to be a part of a beautiful wedding a couple weekends ago-- everything was perfect!  It was such a beautiful fall day :)  Here's some fun pictures from the big day!  And a few from the Meyer's house! :)