fun night on the town

Last night Brady surprised me with a fun night on the town in Branson-- we didn't paint the town red, but we sure had fun!

The wax museum is updated and really cool-- so we went through and found some fun friends along the way:

Don't be scared... it's just pretend...

Michael Scott-- get back to work!!!!!!!

Maybe I should be doing something wild with my hands here??

I will forever love this show with my whole heart!!! :)

We then went through this crazy haunted 5-D ride thing-- which is OK... but nothing to write home about...  what was fun was hannah's mirror maze--  I laughed so hard!!

It's so wild- here's what it looks like the whole time-- impossible!! :)

Then as you're going, sometimes a character will pop out behind the mirrors, like this princess:

We had fun!  To my loyal Branson readers-  this weekend you can do all three of these "attractions" for $9 a person-- everyone MUST have an ID with them! :)
We ended the night at cakes and cream-- such a fun fifties diner!  The jukebox is always playing fun songs and the desserts are so good!  I had the Kirby's Magic Dream and Brady had the Cruisin' Sundae! What crazy names!!!!!

i love branson,

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  1. So fun! I can't wait for you to come on a date here! Also,
    1. You're beautiful!
    2. I like Brady's new look!