we made it

It's so beautiful.  I love being with family.  I love camp food.  I love internet at camp!

so happy,


colorado bound

Tonight we go to sleep with (most) of our apartment packed up and a carry-on suit case zipped up to head to COLORADO in the morning.
I know it's crazy to leave right in the middle of COMPLETE CHAOS at our house-- but it is EXACTLY what we need right now!  God is so clever and fantastic and wonderful and huge and amazingly awesome to provide this mini-vacay away!  I'm so looking forward to hopping on a plane with my favorite person, hold his hand until we land and then walk out of baggage claim into the arms of the cutest little kiddos and an AMAZING sister!!!!!  I can't stop smiling!!

Prayer Requests:
1) Safe journey :)
2) Healthy Moo!!!  Our dear friend is staying at our home to look after the cutest pup… so I'd love for that moo to be happy, healthy and well behaved for her!  Thank you Lord for providing someone to watch her so we can save money!
3) My work schedule: Some things got mixed up and I was accidentally put on the schedule this week at work.  Obviously, I'm not near Disneyland to create magic for five days this week… so please pray that people will be able to cover my shifts, that my manager is able to fully understand the situation and be compassionate, and that the restaurants don't suffer because of my absence!
4) Begin praying for the friends and church that the Lord has picked out for us in Orlando.  We were able to go to church last night and it was ROUGH looking around at these amazing people He has provided for us here.  I'm going to miss this place so much but I'm excited for what He has in store for us in Florida!
5) Moving-- Pray specifically for the moving company we chose.  For honesty when it comes to "extra" charges that may arrive, financially that we don't go over budget, a MIRACLE when Disney decides what my moving "allowance" will be and financially when we get there while Brady is looking for a job.
6) My Dad- healing.  He had surgery a few days ago and we are hoping for an extremely quick recovery!
7) Peace these four days while we're away in Colorado.  I want my heart to be fully there with my family  in this beautiful place that God uses to touch so many lives!  I'm so thankful for this opportunity and so blessed that we get to go on this journey tomorrow!

WHEW!  Didn't mean to make that as long as it was!!  Thank you prayer-warriors and friends!  :)  Your prayers are coveted, appreciated and LOVED!

all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go,

PS- Happy birthday to my favorite brother in the whole world!  Nate, I adore you, I love you, I look up to you and I'm so thankful I've had you looking out for me my whole life! :)  You can always make me smile and I think you are the GREATEST!  I'm so excited to watch you marry your best friend this year.  Your compassionate heart, hilarious personality, fantastic figgy-4's and cow bites have made you a great brother, but I think they will make you an even BETTER husband! :)  I LOVE YOU BROTHER!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!



A few days ago, I walked into work and found this waiting for me.  I couldn't believe it.  I felt so incredibly loved and so so humbled by these amazing friends!

I am so blessed by these wonderful people!  Thank you for making me feel so special and taking me in!  I will miss you all SO terribly! :)


Jennafer White I LOVE MY DISNEYLAND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennafer White's Last grad nite, and last few shifts at Disneyland Park. So we decided to throw her a surprise going away Princess Party! California will miss this Gem of a Lady :)

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the boxes are stacked by the chimney with care...

We are surrounded by boxes (again).  Out of tape (again).  Packing every free minute we have (again).  

Five months later and I can honestly say that I am a MUCH better packer!!!!  I'm over the whole "this box is a kitchen box… ONLY kitchen things go in here"… and now I'm more of a "there's a skinny space here… what fits?"   Who really cares if there is a hair brush in with the rest of your salad bowls, right!?? 

Tonight I'm completing my FINAL night of Grad Night!  Grad Night is when Disney opens it's gates to graduating seniors from around the area.  It is packed, it is stinky, but worst of all-- it lasts all night!  My shift is from 11:30PM-6:00AM… I love Disneyland SO MUCH, but this is one thing I will not miss!

time to drink coffee,


disney adventure

Last night we attended our last life group.  It was weird…  That group of people is what we've been praying for for the past three years and God has answered our prayers, but now we're leaving them.

It's the strangest and weirdest feeling on the planet.  I know He has something crazy up His sleeves if He's taking us from this place that we love so dearly!

We wanted to go watch Fantasmic! last night, but we were blocked out--  SO we headed to the Grand Californian and played cards in the lobby-- This is quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies!
Then we laughed by the fire:

and ended the evening watching Dumb and Dumber at Kenny and Megan's!

every night is a party here,


yard house

WILLLBUURR, They're trying to fatten you up!!!!!!!  My Aunt Sara would always say this whenever a great meal was present.  Last night was no exception.

After I finished my first shift on the churro cart...  (yes- I made churros yesterday, all by myself… be impressed and jealous) my fun friends (who I'm completely in denial that I'm leaving them) came and picked me up and took us to the YARD HOUSE!

We got PLATES of appetizers (love happy hour half-price appetizers) and all shared.  It was delicious, hilarious and so fun!!

HAHA This is the first time I looked at this picture.  Theresa and Elisio are in that top right corner…  Megan got better pictures so I'll steal hers!!!

So blessed by friends who love good food and love to share!

ice cream day,


last night

Last night I ate one of the best meals ever and by FAR the most fun meals in my LIFE!!!!!!  I laughed so incredibly hard tears were streaming down my face and my stomach feels like I just did AB RIPPER X!!!!

Our lovely friends took us to eat at Harbor House on the beach.  It's this fantastic little diner who's menu is as long as a novel!  :)

Here's all of us with our zillion plates and happy tummies!!!!

Kenny said we're going to do a tour of the best restaurants before we leave… I think their goal is to make sure I don't fit into that costume once we get to Florida!!!  

Then we came back to our house where the laugher only grew and we stayed up way way way past my bedtime!!  Oh how I am so thankful the Lord brought these amazing people into our lives!  He is so faithful!

still full,


florida bound.

It happened.

(surprisingly) They liked me.

(shockingly) They offered me a job.

(extremely humbled) I accepted.

My first day is July 19th.  (scary)

Boxes are being gathered and Brady's checking out moving companies.  (again)

I have the most amazing husband in the whole entire world.  (so in love)

I am now the envy of every little girl on the planet.  (hehe)

Let the adventures continue.

got my dream job and have an even dreamier husband,


ruff day

SHE MADE IT!  I came home from the beach to a sad, tired and sick puppy!  They ended up having to pull FIVE teeth (four were my favorites…. the little ones in the front, on the bottom)  :(

She slept most of the night-- I only heard her cry a few times… nothing a little petting can't help! :)

It's so sad seeing her in pain!  I hate it!  She won't leave our sides and she whimpers when she walks around...

These pictures don't really capture how pathetic she is right now…  so just take our word on it.  (please notice the chicken-wing arm on her right…  that's where they had to put the IV… we don't get our dog groomed like this)

have to go trick her to take her meds,

PS-  This is something the Branson Vet did not share with us--but one of the best things you can do for your puppies is get their teeth cleaned!  Please next time your pup has a yearly appointment make sure they check their little teeth a TON!  The number one reason pets die early is because of infected mouths!!!



Please pray for this cute little face I woke up to this morning!
She has to go under anesthesia to get her teeth cleaned today and I'm so nervous!!  I know it's silly but I've been praying all morning, "please wake up that moo, please wake up that moo, please wake up that moo!" I'll post a picture of her now yellowish-yellows and her tonight pearly-whites!

Also, yesterday I got a call from Disney World entertainment.  The lady I talked to was super helpful and really kind.  She wanted to know a lot of specific information from me (i.e. how fast can you move here?  what would it take to get you to move here?)-- which got me excited/nervous/scared/hopeful/happy…  I know she was just asking those questions to give an accurate contract agreement IF they like me after my phone interview on Wednesday…  but it's hard not to get excited!!

Please pray for tomorrow's interview… pray for an extremely CLEAR nudge from the Lord on where we can be used best.  Pray for our hearts to be willing and open.

Thanks for walking along this journey with us.  I'm so humbled to have so many prayer warriors out there helping us along the way!!

going to the beach to get my mind off my medicated puppy,


john stamos and a voicemail

Guess who needed ice cream yesterday???

THIS GUY!!!!!!!

It was so exciting! :)  The whole time he was ordering I couldn't stop smiling soooo huge!  I mean, UNCLE JESSE was ordering ice cream from me!!!!!  YAY!  At the end of the transaction I told him I really liked when he did NINE...  He said that was embarrassing and asked if I like musical theatre.  I replied yes... he said he just finished Bye Bye Birdie and that you might be seeing him on Glee soon...  and then I said that would be awesome and to enjoy his day at Disneyland.  It was such a magical conversation :)  

THEN I took my break and had a voicemail from Disney World!!!!  They liked my audition tape and want to schedule a phone interview with me sometime next week!!!!!!  YIPPEEEEE!  I called them back and was smiling sooooo big while I left a voicemail... I probably looked like this:

So now we wait! :)  What a fantastic day!!!!!!!

having a magical week,


pray today

Please pray for Kanakuk today!  :)  I love this place with all of my heart!  I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible ministry that has touched the hearts of so many lives!! :) 

In honor of such a sporty-post... thought you'd all enjoy seeing a glimpse at sporty-jen... enjoy! :)

I can't believe I'm not eating blueberry fluff right now!!!!!!

I spell kamp with a 'K',


He is good

I am so thankful today.  God has been pouring blessings on us and I am so so thankful!!!!!  From the people He has placed in my lines at work, to my incredible managers who are helping me on my disney journey, to our new fantastic friends at church, to Brady's incredible Bible Study that he gets to lead every Friday, to this beautiful place that we get to call home-- I'm just so incredibly humbled today.

Yesterday He blew me away by blessing me with the opportunity to audition one-on-one with some amazing people who work in the entertainment department at Disneyland.  Currently, there are no open positions in California... but Disney World wanted me to audition, so they taped the whole thing and my information, pictures, and video are on their way to sunny Florida right now.  I didn't tell anyone about this, but I wanted to write about it because I would love prayers for wisdom right now.  No matter what Florida comes back with it's going to be weird and tough to deal with.  If they like me then do I really say "no" to getting to be a princess and make magic in a beautiful gown everyday?  Do I move my family from a place that we LOVE and finally feels like home???  AND if they don't like me then do I get really sad and figure that my disney dreams of being a character are over?!?!?  ***ALSO--  please don't get all freaky on me and start getting really excited...  the truth of it is a ZILLION MILLION girls audition every second of every day of every year and so the chances of it actually working out that I would get it are ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO--  but...  I'm a freakishly positive human and so at times I catch my brain wondering to the brightest side of the situation and playing out the best scenario possible...  

It was an AMAZING experience and I'm incredibly thankful I got to meet these great people and make connections with them.  I left feeling encouraged, hopeful, and literally smiling probably the biggest I've ever smiled before!!!  :)

Thanks for your prayers, your support, your encouragement and your friendships!!  I am so incredibly thankful!

He is in control.  I am not.  Mickey is not.

not telling you who i auditioned for,



lifegroup picnic

before I post-- JUNE 1st is a big day around the White house every year.  SOOO  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!!!  And HAPPY 1ST DAY OF K(c)AMP!!!!!!!!!!!  It physically hurts that I wasn't jumping up and down in the K2 girls gym tonight... I hope ya'll know how loved you guys are today that that you were on my mind CONSTANTLY!  I'm so proud of my families ministries!  YAY KIVU AND KANAKUK!! :)

TODAY (yes today) was our 1st annual life group picnic.  Our church, Rock Harbor, is having life groups from your town join together in the spirit of summer and hang out every other week!  Pretty fun! :)

Tonight our group hosted an outdoor pot luck and it was so fun!  Brady was awesome at hosting us in a fabulous game of MAFIA... and the food was absolutely DELISH!  :)

So excited about the new friends I will meet this summer! :)  and I still continue to be blown away by the friendships the Lord has already provided for me!

going to bed with a full stomach, smiling face and happy heart,