easter celebrations

We had a great day yesterday!  Brady got to be a part of all of Mosaic Church's festivities and I was able to make magic for guests spending their holiday with Mickey Mouse!

Imagine my surprise when I found out I got to be friends with the Easter Bunny on Easter!!!  HOPPY EASTER TO ME!!!!!
We compared feet sizes… I don't think Mr. Easter Bunny and I will be sharing shoes anytime soon!

This is Mr. Easter Bunny's favorite picture.  Who would have thought that the Easter Bunny was such amazing friends with the princesses!!

Mr. Easter Bunny and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Easter Bunny…

Then a few of my friends from work came with me to church and then a few of them came to our house to dye eggs and eat yummy easter snacks!!!!!

We had a major easter egg competition…

It's so fun making holidays special for people with families far away!  I hope all of these guys and gals felt so loved and at "home" with us! :)

hoppy easter,

ps- how cute is this yorky poo helping her momma color eggs??


happy easter

"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time."
1Peter 1:3-5


the music continues

Anabelle has quite the singing talent.  And although she has been featured on the blog before for her amazingly good looks and fantastic disposition… she has never been acclaimed for her talented voice… but here she is in all her glory… enjoy world!!!


ursula can't touch that,


haunted mansion

Last month a new and exciting adventure opened up in the Haunted Mansion que line!  When you get towards the front of the line you can choose to go right, straight towards the ride, or head to the left which takes you through a haunted interactive grave-yard.

This is all part of Disney's new "Next Generation Experience" and it is SO FUN to be here and watch all of these exciting new transitions happen!

Here's a tour through the haunted grave yard..
 You are greeted by these heads with riddles on how they died… at least we think they are riddles… we couldn't even figure one out… so maybe they are just rhymes that don't make sense…  
 When you walk by this large wall, if you touch any of these instruments you can magically hear it play for you!
 the haunted keyboard!!  Just touch the keys and they will play…  but they don't press down…  weird.
 this is fun… this grave spills water everywhere… as soon as you touch one of the holes then water comes out another escape…  
This was our favorite!  Voice recognition!!  They would magically write out a death and we would have to figure out how it happened…  usually they were pretty easy, but she wouldn't go on to the next one until we got it right!  We were purposely saying the wrong answers and it still wouldn't move!  It's so smart!!!!

So, just like the fork Anastasia comes to in her movie… I would recommend you "GO LEFT" next time you ride Haunted Mansion and tell all your friends you like to play in graveyards in your spare time…

happy haunting,


holy food gift cards batman!

So the other day started out just like any other normal day… until Brady and I ventured to our mailbox…

What was inside???  Well...
I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!  ALL OF OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANTS!!!!!!!!!  BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!  I feel like we need to put ground rules on these so we don't use them up too fast!  We are just too excited!!!!!

So, to the sweet little gift card fairy… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!  We LOVE date nights!  You are the best!!!!!

my belly is full just looking at them,



Last week a large group of us headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios to watch one of my favorite shows on property, FANTASMIC!

BELLE was in the show that night and she is my favorite of all time!!

We started the evening off with yummy peanut butter and jelly milkshakes from Prime Time Cafe (which, btw is such an incredible restaurant and one of my favorites on property!)  Unfortunately Emily wasn't able to join us because she was working… LAME!

Then headed to watch the incredible BELLE perform!!!!

As you can see from the pictures, she totally stole the entire show…

disney characters are my favorite,


flower and garden festival

Right now is Epcot's annual flower and garden festival!  I was working with Belle the other day and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to have her picture taken with the beautiful Belle and Beast shaped bushes outside!

Epcot looks so beautiful covered in every color and species of flower on the planet!!  Plus seeing all of your favorite disney characters in greenery-form is certainly entertaining!!

always something new and exciting,


joel's birthday day

The BELLE woke Joel up with a special surprise!  (Joel has a really big crush on Belle… the cartoon character… weird.)

 Mickey wanted to celebrate with Joel and Brady couldn't WAIT to see his new meet-and-greet location.  Mickey gave me a pat on the back and I could tell as I gazed into his eyes that he is really thankful to have me making magic for him…  *sigh* I'm in love with a five foot mouse!!!!!

The whole birthday gang meeting Cinderella!  You know your birthday is a big deal with CINDERELLA wants to have her picture taken with you on your birthday!

then we ended our day with a surprise visit to see Belle in her village dress at Cinderella's royal table!  We were all blessed with free birthday ice cream and the most happiest birthday wishes from our dear friend and bookworm, Belle.  Thanks for making Joel's birthday so special!

I love my dearest friend, Belle!

whos birthday is next?


let the memories begin III

"I wasn't planning or expecting to visit with any characters during our latest trip to Disney World.  We were only there for three days and had lots of things planned; special tours, dining reservations, etc.  But as we finished our Around the World at Epcot tour, I saw Cinderella standing underneath a tree, with such a short line of people waiting to see her.  Cinderella was the first Disney movie I ever saw, and I had the book version memorized before I ever learned how to read because I asked my mom to read it to me so often.  I thought a picture with Cinderella would be a nice memory to share with my mom since the fairytale holds a special place in our hearts.  When my turn came to meet her, I handed my camera to my husband so he could take the picture, and I stepped up to her.  When she asked me if he was my prince, Disney magic took over me and I nearly started crying!  It was such a wonderful and magical moment that I'll never forget."


joel's birthday night

JOEL IS OLDER!!!!!!  We had a blast celebrating with him!  Everyone was required to wear birthday pins as we ventured onto the town!!!

We ate a delicious birthday feast, made the most amazing yogurt creations sprinkled with birthday magic and ended the evening at one of our favorite restaurants!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!  We are so thankful you were born and LOVE celebrating YOU!!!

loves me some birthdays,


let the memories begin II

"My daughter, April, loves Sleeping Beauty because she loves pink and Sleeping Beauty wears pink.  Naturally, I had to make a reservation for the Perfectly Princess Tea Party so that she could have tea with Sleeping Beauty.  This picture captured the thrilling moment that my daughter shared with Princess Aurora at the tea.  It was a perfect tea party for me."


let the memories begin

I found this the other day on Disney's "Let the Memories Begin" website… so special!!!

"It was Christmas Eve a special pre-christmas surprise for my daughter Ryann.  Her and I joined Princess Aurora for the highlight of our trip.  her facial expressions were priceless.  From the moment her name was announced as Princess Ryann, to getting her My Disney Girl doll, placing her napkin on her lap and seeing a friendship bracelet from Princess Aurora, the dance and of course the one on one time with Princess Aurora.  I couldn't help the tears of joy as I took photos of her and everyone that was a part of that experience.  She will remember it always and I will always remember her as my little princess.  Thank you Princess Aurora!"


princess aurora sure is lucky,


ohana means family

Oh, and Ohana also means AMAZING RESTAURANT AT THE POLYNESIAN RESORT!  It was incredible!  You get to eat all you can eat steak, shrimp, salad, bananas fosters, pineapple bread, noodles, chicken wings, veggies, etc.

YUMMY!  Everything has a hawaiian-type glaze and the meat just melts in your mouth!  Plus there's a great hula lady that dances with the kiddos and teaches you all sorts of crazy hawaiian words… so fun :)

no one gets left behind,


nitrogen ice cream

Boy have we discovered the jack-pot!  A new and fun ABRACADABRA ICE CREAM!!!

1) Pick your three favorite toppings--- BOY DO THEY HAVE TOPPINGS!!!!

2) Put in some yummy melted ice cream goodness

3) Mix like CRAYZIE!!!!

4) Hold under freezing cold nitrogen

5) Watch your liquid ice cream creation harden right before your eyes


ABRACADABRA!!!!!!  Like magic you have the most amazing creation!!!!  Try it out, it's wonderful! :)

The staff is so incredible… so friendly and so intentional!!  TWO STICKY THUMBS WAY WAY WAY WAY UP!!!!!!

yum yum,