Brady and I have some fun news!!!  It has to do with the following pictures:

It's TRUE!  We are moving to Disneyland!!!!  We're so excited and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us during this next chapter in our lives!  We're so sad to be leaving family and great friends…  but ready for them to all come visit and to do Disney with us!  :)  This is all INCREDIBLY new and not in stone yet… but our time frame is looking like the middle of January I could start working there!

i'll be making magic again soon!

p.s. on a completely unrelated note- if anyone has any connections at Disneyland to help me get an interview around the beginning of November-- that would be fantastic!!!! :)

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  1. why is it that i'm just finding your blog for the first time? i'm excited for you but really sad to be losing you as a branson friend!