happy halloween!


This is halloween 2008-- cute Brady was Charlie Brown...  :)  I love that Jamie makes such a big deal for holidays!  :)

This was my senior year Halloween dance...  We are the three little pigs, their houses and the big bad wolf...  we dominated the Costume Contest! :)

Every year in Quincy these were my trick-or-treating buddies.  Sweet Haley and Emily! :)  Hard to believe they are in HIGH SCHOOL now! :)  Love you girls!! :)

Halloween 2006--  My sister (and friend!!) Jamie Jo! :)  That party was SO Disney that year! :)  I was in heaven! :)

Brady hates me for posting this picture... but I LOVE it! :)

Have a happy halloween everyone! :)  

trick or treat,


slumber party fun

Found some more fun pictures from our slumber party last weekend--

We played games we used to play when I babysat them... NEVER ENDING STORIES is the BEST game!!  Our stories were RIDICULOUS! :)

Then we graduated to Mystery Date--  we used to play this game ALL the time!!

First you have a list of phone numbers that call to get clues on who wants to go on a date with you!

then you use these pictures of the guys to narrow it down:

Emily wasn't too happy with the physical appearance of some of the boys!! haha

But we did have fun! :)  I was also introduced to the Snuggie this weekend-- I LOVE it... I kinda like the ones that zip or button down the front better... but a blanket with arms?? okay by me!!!!!

i'm still tired,


please pray

Please pray for Kanakuk today!  :)  I love this place with all of my heart!  I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible ministry that has touched the hearts of so many lives!! :)

In honor of such a sporty-post... thought you'd all enjoy seeing a glimpse at sporty-jen... enjoy! :)

I spell kamp with a 'K',


fae sonic

I had a sleepover this weekend with the most fun girls on the planet!!  We started the evening out by watching funny youtube videos.  Surprisingly they hadn't been introduced to the wonders of Fae Sonic... We laughed so hard it hurt and had so much fun reenacting her fabulous dance moves and crazy facial expressions!!

We liked this video the best:

But this one has the best dance moves!

In the second video you see her doing a very professional flip down the stairs-- it took us a few times but we have now mastered the "Fae Sonic Super Sonic Stair Flip"-- Here is proof:

Haley went first and we laughed SO HARD at her efforts!!!!!!!!!!

Then I tried:

Then Emily went and did it perfectly-- like Kerri Strug gave her private lessons...  We are proud of you and your flipping ability Em! :)

No point to this post at all-- just didn't want to forget this fun memory with such fun friends!! :)

jen sonic


what on earth?

I have a million blogs to post on this weekend... well not a million-- but a good amount... but I had to do this one first.

Pops calls us to come hang out down at the house last night and we walk in to find him shooting his new bow and arrows through the house!!!!  UNREAL!!!!

Lining it up:  through the kitchen, over the grand piano, out the back door and hit the target hanging off the balcony...

I tried to pull this thing back... I couldn't even do it!!!


related to crazy people,


7 "e"s

I finally figured out what I want the cover of my "book" to look like! :)  Here is one that is finished... I was able to finish two, but will have to make a run to Michael's to finish the third one... can you believe this silly sentence has SEVEN "E"s in it?  Bummed I don't have enough stickers... but glad that my project is moving along!  I can't wait for it to be finished, in an envelope and headed to the post office!!!  Praying that these crazy books get in the right hands and help me get an interview! :)

making magic,


team carter

This weekend we played in St. Louis Sunday morning.  So we went down a day early to see our good friend, Carter Hulsey, in concert! :)  We didn't get there in time (Carter told us the wrong time... boo) so we only caught the last 30 seconds of his set-- but he sounded GREAT!  We are so proud of you Carter!!!!!!

BUT we did get to hang out with him for a little bit!!  He showed us the tour bus!  Here is us by his bunk on the right side! :)

We also got to meet Chris, Carter's Roommate, who's in the band NeverShoutNever!-- he's doing pretty well for a 18 year old... I really like his music!  Search NeverShoutNever on iTunes-- his songs are so catchy!

What was so fun is I was able to spend tons of time with a dear friend of mine, Caitlin-- she is a huge Carter Hulsey fan as well!!!


Here's Brady and Carter running the merch booth--  I love their friendship! :)

9,000 bands later, NeverShoutNever finally went on... the show was great-- so hippie-like!  We had a blast! :)

It was a great weekend!

Now Brady is working so hard on the album, and I'm still working on my "book" for Disney--  I'm over half-way done so that is great!!!  Disney music has been playing non-stop in our house!  I hope Brady doesn't kill me before we get out there!!! haha!! :)

carter hulsey fan,


fun night on the town

Last night Brady surprised me with a fun night on the town in Branson-- we didn't paint the town red, but we sure had fun!

The wax museum is updated and really cool-- so we went through and found some fun friends along the way:

Don't be scared... it's just pretend...

Michael Scott-- get back to work!!!!!!!

Maybe I should be doing something wild with my hands here??

I will forever love this show with my whole heart!!! :)

We then went through this crazy haunted 5-D ride thing-- which is OK... but nothing to write home about...  what was fun was hannah's mirror maze--  I laughed so hard!!

It's so wild- here's what it looks like the whole time-- impossible!! :)

Then as you're going, sometimes a character will pop out behind the mirrors, like this princess:

We had fun!  To my loyal Branson readers-  this weekend you can do all three of these "attractions" for $9 a person-- everyone MUST have an ID with them! :)
We ended the night at cakes and cream-- such a fun fifties diner!  The jukebox is always playing fun songs and the desserts are so good!  I had the Kirby's Magic Dream and Brady had the Cruisin' Sundae! What crazy names!!!!!

i love branson,


knee deep in magic

glitter, glue, mickey ears, puffy paint, foam, stickers, stamps, ribbon, markers, felt, crayons, buttons-- what do all of these things have in common??  Right now, as a type... my hands are caked in all of the above.   Early this morning I started working on a project, and I had NO idea what I had gotten myself into!

A couple days ago I headed to Camdenton, MO to visit my mom and dad and pick their brains on what I should do creatively to get Disney to want me to work for them!  We came up with a cool 6-page card thing but it is A LOT of work!!  Especially since I know it's just going to end up in the trash-- (hopefully not with my resume though!!)   I'm making three identical magical cards to send to people who are in charge of casting!!  :)

My kitchen table has turned into a magic-making machine!!!!  It will be years before I get all the glitter out of the carpet! :)

I'm having so much fun-- so far today I've watched Alice and High School Musical 3... I'm brushing up on Disney trivia!! :)

crafty pants,



Brady and I have some fun news!!!  It has to do with the following pictures:

It's TRUE!  We are moving to Disneyland!!!!  We're so excited and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us during this next chapter in our lives!  We're so sad to be leaving family and great friends…  but ready for them to all come visit and to do Disney with us!  :)  This is all INCREDIBLY new and not in stone yet… but our time frame is looking like the middle of January I could start working there!

i'll be making magic again soon!

p.s. on a completely unrelated note- if anyone has any connections at Disneyland to help me get an interview around the beginning of November-- that would be fantastic!!!! :)


hot apple cider

This is so yummy and so easy!  I had this brewing the whole time we had people in town and it is so good!

All you do is put one container of apple juice in a crock pot... add about 2/3 cup red hots...  a little cinnamon and a few spoonfuls of sugar!!  Keep on low all day!  Plus it makes your home smell amazing! :)



cousin's weekend

SUCCESS! The Third Annual Cousin's Weekend was a HUGE success! It was so great to have family in town and to play hostess! :) We have so much fun together and I'm so thankful they all make the drive to Branson! :)

Here's some fun pictures from the weekend!

They all came in town Friday night... and Saturday morning we had omelets in a baggie--  this is SO easy and so tasty!  Crack eggs in freezer zip-lock bag, add your favorite omelet ingredients, place bag in boiling water, wait a few minutes and  YUMM!  Omelet slides right out on your plate! :)

We then headed to Silver Dollar City!  The weather was perfect!

Our favorite ride is fire in the hole...

BECAUSE, we're FAMOUS on it! :)  Yay for the Kinney Cousins!!! :)

We had dinner at Mr. G's in Hollister--  so YUMMY!  If you're ever in Branson, MO you MUST go eat some Chicago style pizza at this place!  Mr. Gilberti was kind enough to pose with us for a picture!

We then headed to Branson's Family Fun Factory which is the most underrated place in Branson!  They have laser tag and a fun putt-putt place!  We had an absolute blast!  We played girls vs. boys and GIRLS WON! :)

Here are the final scores:
6. Michael= 3800 pts.
5. Katie= 4500 pts.
4. Brady= 4650 pts.
3. Nate= 5050 pts.
2. Chaela= 5850 pts.
1. Jen= 7350 pts.

It was awesome!  You have to take your family here-- we laughed so hard!  And what a work out!!!

We ended the night at a fun haunted house and played games at home!

I'm so thankful to be related to such fun friends!  Thanks for making the drive down here!  We love you guys!

kinneys are awesome!


the wedding

JIM AND PAM GOT MARRIED!  I know I'm late but I just sat down and watched the 1-hour episode!  SO SO GOOD!  It definitely made it into my top three favorite episodes of all time!  Everything was so cute!  I love this couple so much! :)

some of my favorite parts:
1) Jim cutting his tie off... class act, Jim! :)
2) Apricots... made from real apes...
3) Jim's speech...  So perfect!
4) "we should have hired a professional photographer to take the mental pictures"

thankful to be in love,