the cousins are coming

I adore my family. Seriously. I love them all so very much! I have been blessed up to my eyeballs (yes, that just happened) with the greatest family in the entire world. This weekend is a weekend I look forward to year round because my cousin (and wonderful friend) Katie and her husband Michael, my brother Nate and his awesome girlfriend Chaela (pronounced KAYLA) come into town and we do crazy Branson things all weekend!!! It's so fun! :) We laugh so hard and stay up way too late... I really can't wait!

(Katie and I having a picnic at the lake! :) )

(FYI- Katie never had an awkward stage... she was cute the whole way through... I was a completely different story...  Please see above picture!  This is me just embracing awkwardness at it's fullest!!)

(nate thinks I'm super awesome)

 This is our 3rd annual Branson Cousin's weekend.  Here's some pictures from the past few years! :)

Michael, Nate and Jen-- RIP Celebration City

YAY!  SDC! :)

 I was so blessed growing up with all of my extended family living within a 3-hour radius of Quincy!  We spent most of the summer at the Lake of the Ozarks where my mom's side and dad's side had homes 4 houses apart!!!

the famous barg-- yes, we built that!  This was before the awesome paint job... please notice the curtains... that was one of my jobs!! :)

Lots of cousins... this is some of my mom's side-- notice nate and the hot pink trunks... :)

most years we took an annual trip to Silver Dollar City.  Could we look anymore touristy?  This is the year we discovered the Haygoods and watched their show FOUR times in one day--  so awesome.  (Side note, I've lived in Branson for three and a half years and have YET to have a Haygood siting... not cool)

I have to go to Wal Mart and stock up on fun food for the weekend! :)

counting down the minutes,

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