picking paint

How on earth are there so many colors of paint in the world?

Here's our spotted pad now that we have a few ideas….

this yellow is called "be goofy" from Disney's paint line…  I don't know if I love the color but I LOVE the name!!  

will you please pass me that roller?


new house


We're so excited about the new adventures that lie ahead in our new home!!!

Here are some of the "before" pictures… the previous owners took tremendous care of our home so luckily no big projects are in our near future-- but good 'ol timmy tim (aka my dad) is coming for a visit so we are going to use his handy-man services for sure!!!

We are so blessed to be able to call this new place our "home"… please join with us in prayer that this become a place where guests feel welcomed and loved and the Lord can do great works in our friends hearts when they visit here!!  :)  

Get excited for DIY updates and fun projects to come :)