lifegroup picnic

before I post-- JUNE 1st is a big day around the White house every year.  SOOO  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!!!  And HAPPY 1ST DAY OF K(c)AMP!!!!!!!!!!!  It physically hurts that I wasn't jumping up and down in the K2 girls gym tonight... I hope ya'll know how loved you guys are today that that you were on my mind CONSTANTLY!  I'm so proud of my families ministries!  YAY KIVU AND KANAKUK!! :)

TODAY (yes today) was our 1st annual life group picnic.  Our church, Rock Harbor, is having life groups from your town join together in the spirit of summer and hang out every other week!  Pretty fun! :)

Tonight our group hosted an outdoor pot luck and it was so fun!  Brady was awesome at hosting us in a fabulous game of MAFIA... and the food was absolutely DELISH!  :)

So excited about the new friends I will meet this summer! :)  and I still continue to be blown away by the friendships the Lord has already provided for me!

going to bed with a full stomach, smiling face and happy heart,

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  1. 1. Cute pics.
    2. Miss you.
    3. Why do you have ten times more friends already in your new city than I have in mine? Oh yeah, you're cuter AND friendlier!
    4. Love you!