ruff day

SHE MADE IT!  I came home from the beach to a sad, tired and sick puppy!  They ended up having to pull FIVE teeth (four were my favorites…. the little ones in the front, on the bottom)  :(

She slept most of the night-- I only heard her cry a few times… nothing a little petting can't help! :)

It's so sad seeing her in pain!  I hate it!  She won't leave our sides and she whimpers when she walks around...

These pictures don't really capture how pathetic she is right now…  so just take our word on it.  (please notice the chicken-wing arm on her right…  that's where they had to put the IV… we don't get our dog groomed like this)

have to go trick her to take her meds,

PS-  This is something the Branson Vet did not share with us--but one of the best things you can do for your puppies is get their teeth cleaned!  Please next time your pup has a yearly appointment make sure they check their little teeth a TON!  The number one reason pets die early is because of infected mouths!!!

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  1. Awww....hope your little doggie is OK :)
    PS...LOL, a LOT at the chicken bone arm comment! :P