colorado bound

Tonight we go to sleep with (most) of our apartment packed up and a carry-on suit case zipped up to head to COLORADO in the morning.
I know it's crazy to leave right in the middle of COMPLETE CHAOS at our house-- but it is EXACTLY what we need right now!  God is so clever and fantastic and wonderful and huge and amazingly awesome to provide this mini-vacay away!  I'm so looking forward to hopping on a plane with my favorite person, hold his hand until we land and then walk out of baggage claim into the arms of the cutest little kiddos and an AMAZING sister!!!!!  I can't stop smiling!!

Prayer Requests:
1) Safe journey :)
2) Healthy Moo!!!  Our dear friend is staying at our home to look after the cutest pup… so I'd love for that moo to be happy, healthy and well behaved for her!  Thank you Lord for providing someone to watch her so we can save money!
3) My work schedule: Some things got mixed up and I was accidentally put on the schedule this week at work.  Obviously, I'm not near Disneyland to create magic for five days this week… so please pray that people will be able to cover my shifts, that my manager is able to fully understand the situation and be compassionate, and that the restaurants don't suffer because of my absence!
4) Begin praying for the friends and church that the Lord has picked out for us in Orlando.  We were able to go to church last night and it was ROUGH looking around at these amazing people He has provided for us here.  I'm going to miss this place so much but I'm excited for what He has in store for us in Florida!
5) Moving-- Pray specifically for the moving company we chose.  For honesty when it comes to "extra" charges that may arrive, financially that we don't go over budget, a MIRACLE when Disney decides what my moving "allowance" will be and financially when we get there while Brady is looking for a job.
6) My Dad- healing.  He had surgery a few days ago and we are hoping for an extremely quick recovery!
7) Peace these four days while we're away in Colorado.  I want my heart to be fully there with my family  in this beautiful place that God uses to touch so many lives!  I'm so thankful for this opportunity and so blessed that we get to go on this journey tomorrow!

WHEW!  Didn't mean to make that as long as it was!!  Thank you prayer-warriors and friends!  :)  Your prayers are coveted, appreciated and LOVED!

all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go,

PS- Happy birthday to my favorite brother in the whole world!  Nate, I adore you, I love you, I look up to you and I'm so thankful I've had you looking out for me my whole life! :)  You can always make me smile and I think you are the GREATEST!  I'm so excited to watch you marry your best friend this year.  Your compassionate heart, hilarious personality, fantastic figgy-4's and cow bites have made you a great brother, but I think they will make you an even BETTER husband! :)  I LOVE YOU BROTHER!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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