john stamos and a voicemail

Guess who needed ice cream yesterday???

THIS GUY!!!!!!!

It was so exciting! :)  The whole time he was ordering I couldn't stop smiling soooo huge!  I mean, UNCLE JESSE was ordering ice cream from me!!!!!  YAY!  At the end of the transaction I told him I really liked when he did NINE...  He said that was embarrassing and asked if I like musical theatre.  I replied yes... he said he just finished Bye Bye Birdie and that you might be seeing him on Glee soon...  and then I said that would be awesome and to enjoy his day at Disneyland.  It was such a magical conversation :)  

THEN I took my break and had a voicemail from Disney World!!!!  They liked my audition tape and want to schedule a phone interview with me sometime next week!!!!!!  YIPPEEEEE!  I called them back and was smiling sooooo big while I left a voicemail... I probably looked like this:

So now we wait! :)  What a fantastic day!!!!!!!

having a magical week,

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  1. That is a fantastic day and you are a fantastic person. I miss you and I cannot wait to see you in two weeks!!!