yard house

WILLLBUURR, They're trying to fatten you up!!!!!!!  My Aunt Sara would always say this whenever a great meal was present.  Last night was no exception.

After I finished my first shift on the churro cart...  (yes- I made churros yesterday, all by myself… be impressed and jealous) my fun friends (who I'm completely in denial that I'm leaving them) came and picked me up and took us to the YARD HOUSE!

We got PLATES of appetizers (love happy hour half-price appetizers) and all shared.  It was delicious, hilarious and so fun!!

HAHA This is the first time I looked at this picture.  Theresa and Elisio are in that top right corner…  Megan got better pictures so I'll steal hers!!!

So blessed by friends who love good food and love to share!

ice cream day,

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