He is good

I am so thankful today.  God has been pouring blessings on us and I am so so thankful!!!!!  From the people He has placed in my lines at work, to my incredible managers who are helping me on my disney journey, to our new fantastic friends at church, to Brady's incredible Bible Study that he gets to lead every Friday, to this beautiful place that we get to call home-- I'm just so incredibly humbled today.

Yesterday He blew me away by blessing me with the opportunity to audition one-on-one with some amazing people who work in the entertainment department at Disneyland.  Currently, there are no open positions in California... but Disney World wanted me to audition, so they taped the whole thing and my information, pictures, and video are on their way to sunny Florida right now.  I didn't tell anyone about this, but I wanted to write about it because I would love prayers for wisdom right now.  No matter what Florida comes back with it's going to be weird and tough to deal with.  If they like me then do I really say "no" to getting to be a princess and make magic in a beautiful gown everyday?  Do I move my family from a place that we LOVE and finally feels like home???  AND if they don't like me then do I get really sad and figure that my disney dreams of being a character are over?!?!?  ***ALSO--  please don't get all freaky on me and start getting really excited...  the truth of it is a ZILLION MILLION girls audition every second of every day of every year and so the chances of it actually working out that I would get it are ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO--  but...  I'm a freakishly positive human and so at times I catch my brain wondering to the brightest side of the situation and playing out the best scenario possible...  

It was an AMAZING experience and I'm incredibly thankful I got to meet these great people and make connections with them.  I left feeling encouraged, hopeful, and literally smiling probably the biggest I've ever smiled before!!!  :)

Thanks for your prayers, your support, your encouragement and your friendships!!  I am so incredibly thankful!

He is in control.  I am not.  Mickey is not.

not telling you who i auditioned for,



  1. Oh Aurora. . .I am so proud of you and so happy for you and so thankful that you are in a place you love so much that you may have to make a tough choice. . .what a blessing on every level! I love you and I cannot wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Also, your blog has inspired a blog post from me today. . .give me seven minutes to write it and then you'll have to read it!

  2. what an exciting opportunity! i think it's so cool that you got to do this special audition...no matter what happens, it's awesome that you were singled out for a magical experience! when the time comes, you'll make the decision that's best for you & brady. =)

    uh...is it wrong of me to selfishly wish you would move here???

    ps: yeah, briar rose all the way baby!