the boxes are stacked by the chimney with care...

We are surrounded by boxes (again).  Out of tape (again).  Packing every free minute we have (again).  

Five months later and I can honestly say that I am a MUCH better packer!!!!  I'm over the whole "this box is a kitchen box… ONLY kitchen things go in here"… and now I'm more of a "there's a skinny space here… what fits?"   Who really cares if there is a hair brush in with the rest of your salad bowls, right!?? 

Tonight I'm completing my FINAL night of Grad Night!  Grad Night is when Disney opens it's gates to graduating seniors from around the area.  It is packed, it is stinky, but worst of all-- it lasts all night!  My shift is from 11:30PM-6:00AM… I love Disneyland SO MUCH, but this is one thing I will not miss!

time to drink coffee,

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  1. Oh. . .grad night sounds TERRIBLE! You will be so ready for your vacation in Durango. . .no packing, no. . .I almost said no teenagers (oops). . .and no work! Love you. . .see you in THREE DAYS!