Please pray for this cute little face I woke up to this morning!
She has to go under anesthesia to get her teeth cleaned today and I'm so nervous!!  I know it's silly but I've been praying all morning, "please wake up that moo, please wake up that moo, please wake up that moo!" I'll post a picture of her now yellowish-yellows and her tonight pearly-whites!

Also, yesterday I got a call from Disney World entertainment.  The lady I talked to was super helpful and really kind.  She wanted to know a lot of specific information from me (i.e. how fast can you move here?  what would it take to get you to move here?)-- which got me excited/nervous/scared/hopeful/happy…  I know she was just asking those questions to give an accurate contract agreement IF they like me after my phone interview on Wednesday…  but it's hard not to get excited!!

Please pray for tomorrow's interview… pray for an extremely CLEAR nudge from the Lord on where we can be used best.  Pray for our hearts to be willing and open.

Thanks for walking along this journey with us.  I'm so humbled to have so many prayer warriors out there helping us along the way!!

going to the beach to get my mind off my medicated puppy,

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