last night

Last night I ate one of the best meals ever and by FAR the most fun meals in my LIFE!!!!!!  I laughed so incredibly hard tears were streaming down my face and my stomach feels like I just did AB RIPPER X!!!!

Our lovely friends took us to eat at Harbor House on the beach.  It's this fantastic little diner who's menu is as long as a novel!  :)

Here's all of us with our zillion plates and happy tummies!!!!

Kenny said we're going to do a tour of the best restaurants before we leave… I think their goal is to make sure I don't fit into that costume once we get to Florida!!!  

Then we came back to our house where the laugher only grew and we stayed up way way way past my bedtime!!  Oh how I am so thankful the Lord brought these amazing people into our lives!  He is so faithful!

still full,

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