michael w smith

Today, I'm minding my business... taking ice cream orders... and a nice man hands me his credit card...

I look down and see this:


I compose myself while my head is still down and slowly peer at the man in front of me...  (is that him?  I've seen him before...  Jennafer try to remember what he looks like in person and not on youtube...)

I then just ask him if his name is really Michael W Smith... it is... and he's not the real one... IMPOSTOR!!!

So I gave him an extra cookie for having a rock star name.

having a scooper-dee-dooper day,

P.S.  I had the opportunity to talk to my dear friend who makes magic on the other coast, Amber.  I adore this woman.  She challenges me to love people so deeply.  She is a true, honest, and wonderful friend and I'm SO incredibly thankful for her!!  Amber... if I saw your name on a credit card-- I'd give you two cookies!!!!!!  Thanks for being so fantastic and making me a better human!

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