(**disclaimer-- i'm not pregnant!!  (sorry GoGo))

These are my current cravings:

1) to be physically fit (p90 is helping me with this!!)
2) to find great community
3) to make friends that challenge me and uplift me at the same time
4) to become a member of a church (not just signing a paper, but volunteering, getting involved and BECOMING the church)
5) to host a small group
6) to make magic and be able to call it my job
7) to downsize even more and stop caring about worldly possessions... (I mean, do I honestly need an 8-piece Christmas place setting when we live in a two-bedroom?  I don't think so... please don't tell Brady I am admitting this)
8) to buy my whole wardrobe from Urban Outfitters (totally doesn't go along with number 7-- but I went there yesterday, only to completely understand how un-cool I truly am)
9) to be passionate about marriage again... Don't get me wrong... Brady and I love each other, but I want to have tears in my eyes again when I hear friends are in trouble... I want my stomach to ache when I hear of infidelity and lying in marriage...
10) i want a convertible...  never thought I'd say this... but I do...

Last week I spent some time with a precious girl I grew up with!  She challenged me, listened to me, filled me with confidence and loved on me in the EXACT way I needed it!  (great answer to craving #3)  I'm so thankful she only lives 15 minutes away!!!  We spent the day at Downtown Disney, ate at Rainforest Cafe and ended our magical day with viewing "The Princess and the Frog"  :)  I was in heaven knowing someone loved Mickey Mouse (almost) as much as me!! :)

Yesterday was a treat as I got a tour of the town I was born in! :)  Bridgette will forever by my mom's best friend and hopefully she'll accept me as a close second while we're here!  It was so fun seeing where I went to Kindergarden and the home I was brought to after I was born!!! :)  It's amazing what I remembered considered I left here when I was 6... (I know, I know... genius!!)  I'll post pictures as soon as I get them off my camera...

no news from Disney, I applied last night to work at the Disney Vacation Club kiosk-- we'll see how that goes!  Tomorrow I head to Downtown Disney and beg anyone that's wearing a Disney name-tag to let me be one of their cast members!!!  I'll probably be making a complete fool of myself, but tomorrow is February 1st, so it's my last chance before taco bell...

time for beth moore,

P.S. tonight we're having dinner with some friends from Branson!  They moved to LA a few months ago-- so it will be fun to hear of their adventures... I'm supposed to take a dessert-- is it tacky to pick something up at Trader Joe's and take it??  hope not... because that's the plan :)

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