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So yesterday we went to the Disney casting office to see if I could try to get an interview...  So I went in and there are probably about fifteen computers all in a row and they were ALL taken with people applying online...  so, um, Disney isn't hurting for people that want to work there.  I talk to a nice lady, let's call her "Suzie" and "Suzie" looks up my application and says that everything looks fine and that if someone likes what they see then I will get an e-mail from them.  I then try to woo "Suzie" and ask her if there is anyway that she can flag my ap or at least put a note on it saying that I will do ANYTHING and be so excited about it.  "Suzie" says no, because everyone has to appear exactly the same...  I appreciate the way Disney handles casting... I really do-- but I just want a job so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!  

This job hunt is going to be a lot harder than I thought it was.  February 1st is my deadline that if I don't get a job at Disney then I will pursue something else for the time being... and Feb 1st is coming up :(  I went back to the car and my sweet husband, (who has had to do this WAY too many times in our marriage) consoles me and convinces me that no matter what, I won't have to work at Taco Bell (which, right now, is my greatest fear...)

 I mean, I love Taco Bell... but I want to make magic!!!  He then takes me on an adventure to LA where I try "Pinkberry" for the first time--

LOVE it!  We didn't get anything done on our to-do list, but it is EXACTLY what I needed.  Thankful that he knows me so well and knows exactly how to love me! :)

Today, I have an "interview" (kinda) with the woman in charge of casting for Disneyland.  We have an amazing friend who has been on Broadway in Disney shows and she was willing to stick her neck out for me and give me this connection.  I will FOREVER remember her kindness, humility and love that she has shown me by doing this!  I am blown away every time I think about it!  I called the casting lady this morning and left a message... hopefully I'll hear back from her soon!!!

So that's the update... nothing exciting to report, unfortunately :(  It will happen though!  We are hopeful~

still loving mickey,

P.S. for those of you who haven't heard of pinkberry- go to their website and be AMAZED!  www.pinkberry.com it's ice cream that's not bad for you!!  BEST INVENTION EVER!!!!!

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  1. The nearest pinkberry is 481.17 miles from us. :( Looks like it is only un-healthy ice-cream for us mid-missourians. Which I'm not too dissapointed about...Pomegranate, Passionfruit or Coconut ice-cream doesn't sound like it would compare to double chocolate brownie fudge (mmmmm). That is how we do it in Missouri. (Granted we are all fat here too - so I guess it has its price)
    Good luck with making magic!
    J (writing under A's name)