curtains? bed?

In case you were doubting my earlier post--  this is that moo... finding herself quite comfortable on our new curtains.

We did get them hung-- this is in our bedroom-- it's getting more homey everyday! :)

We did end up going to LA yesterday.  Where we went to the CRAZY couch place.  I mean, seriously crazy.  We called the guy and he gave us the gate code (which sounds pretty fancy and legit...)  little did we know it was a gate code, to a storage facility.  A public storage place is where we will be purchasing our couch!  CRAZY!  Here is the couch we want from Crate and Barrel...

And they make it EXACTLY!  It's crazy what these guys do!  Here's a picture of the weird storage unit/ shopping center thing...  they had two of these "rooms"...

So weird... we also made it to "THIS IS NOT IKEA" and let me tell you... they aren't lying... I have a lot more fun when I go to Ikea then this place.  Everything in there costs more than it did when it was sold in the first place.  But I still was excited to be there in person!  I'll have to figure out some real flea markets and antique shops and go there.  :)

UPDATE ON THE SWEET FAMILY TRYING TO GO TO DISNEY:  One of my sweet friends has offered them her resort discount and tickets!  God is so good to provide!! :)  I'm so thankful for the great people I met while I worked there... it just makes me so excited to meet new Disney friends! :)

77 degrees here,


  1. jennafer, we miss you! lulu started crying tonight but then i told her when she is older we will go to California and go to Disney for her to see you on stage!! Praying for a job and LOVE your apartment!

  2. well i'm sad that thisisnotikea was a bust cause i definitely bookmarked them when i read your previous post...stink. no worries, i was just going to every website you mentioned cause let's be honest...i like your style jen : )
    currently working on my "give a day, get a disney day" opportunities to get park admission to DW in march for round 2 of magical goodness. maybe that could be the next park name: magical goodness. i'll run it, it's fine, walt. i got it under control.
    keep posting all your new cali adventures! love it!

  3. love love love the petrie sofa! if you have it custom made though, skip the buttons on the tufting. IMO, seriously uncomfortable for long periods of time, like a movie. =)