breakfast at the white apartment

So, we have discovered Trader Joes... and we are in LOVE! :)  We went grocery shopping there the day we got here, and before I even had a meal, I already felt more healthy just knowing all that organic goodness was cooling it's way down in my fridge.

Our furniture and things still haven't arrived yet :(  Brady called the moving company yesterday and they said they would be here over the weekend or sometime next week...  So glad we made that call to get all that valuable information!!! haha

Luckily, we found these little gems at ikea and they are serving as our kitchen table...

we're going to look at this couch place today in LA-- you can look at it online... www.customsofadesign.com They take really cool designer couches and make them at half the price-- it almost seems too good to be true, so we're going to go scoop it out and let you know... I'm also hoping Brady's in the mood to check out this store I've been stalking ever since we've decided to move www.thisisnotikea.com -- I can't wait to browse around there!!!

We got curtains too, but right now they are on the ground and Anabelle thinks they are her new bed...  good thing stuff at ikea is so cheep! :)

moving in,

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