we made it

WE ARE HERE!  I'm literally blocks away from Cinderella's castle! :)  I haven't heard the fireworks yet, but tonight I'm going to be listening for them!! :)  We arrived at our apartment yesterday afternoon and unloaded our INCREDIBLY packed car and have been settling in ever since.  We ate dinner at Downtown Disney last night, and I couldn't stop smiling!  I can't wait to be making magic again soon! :)  Please pray that I'm able to get a job very soon... (hopefully before February 1st) :)  Here are some pictures of our apartment!! :)  We can't wait for ya'll to come visit us so soon! :)

This is the view when you walk in the door:

Then look to the left:

This is if you are standing by the sliding glass door:

Down that hallway that you see to the left of the fireplace:

go through that door and look to the right:  BRADY'S STUDIO :)

Brady's studio-  View from the window:

Brady's studio bathroom:

Through that door:

looking out the studio door:

Through that door:

Master bedroom :) Closet:

Master bedroom bathroom:

We live in California :)

More pictures to come when it doesn't look so empty :)



  1. YAY!!! so glad you guys are safe & sound! and the apartment looks great!

  2. Sweet! It looks awesome guys! I have a friend that is working at Disney in LA right now!

  3. YEAH!!!!!! You made it! We can't wait to come and visit. Emily thinks you are so cool for living where her princesses live.
    The Bachs

  4. So glad you made it safely. Your place looks so cute. Can't wait to come visit!

  5. Your apartment is perfect! Oh my goodness! It is so pretty and clean! I love it! I cannot wait to see it in person in two months!