Today I completed my first week of P90x-- I made it.  Right now my abs are burning under this shirt I'm wearing and I might have a few tears in the corner of my eyes, but I MADE it!!!  Here's my chart to keep me accountable... it's on our fridge for all to see :)

I've been waking up early... working out, fixing myself awesome breakfasts (like my current favorite, pictured below...  yogurt and mixed berries from Trader Joe's... YUMMM)

then I head into our bedroom and work on Beth Moore's "believing God" bible study.  This study was a gift to me for my birthday two years ago from Jamie Jo, but I never really did it :(  (surprise surprise)... then my aunt organized a bible study for the girls in our family and picked this exact one... Is God trying to tell me something here?  Anyway, I'm LOVING it and actually am kind of down when I realize I'm on my last question of the day--

No news from Disney yet... I have two calls in (only one message) to the contact I have... but she hasn't called me back yet :(  The title of this week is "patience".

Our Anniversary was FANTASTIC!!!  Brady took me to pinkberry (l.o.v.e.) and then we came home to the best surprise EVER!!!  THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!!!  SEASON THREE OF I LOVE LUCY!!!!!  I was such an I Love Lucy loser... I had my trivia book out and followed along with every episode...  (Brady took a nap during this, I think my crazed I Love Lucy fanness wore him out)

He also let me pick out a bag from my FAVORITE designer!!  Check out these awesome bags and things my friend, Jen, makes!  I'm OBSESSED!  I'll post as soon as I get mine!! (click on AWESOME BAGS to view them)

Time to get in the shower and head to Elaina's... we're going hiking at noon!!!  Kempo and Hiking in the same day, I might not make it to tomorrow.

yes, i hike now i guess,

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  1. Love it! Love know about your life. Love that you had a successful week of follow-through. Love that you are finally doing that Bible study! Love the new blog background. But most of all. . .LOVE YOU!!!!