moved. in. resolutions.

It's TRUE!  We are moved in!  It looks like people live here!  The pictures are hung, our new couches CAME, every box has been cut and loaded into the dumpster (three cheers for Brady!), and the pursuit to find the perfect Disney job is underway!

*Tune in tomorrow for a VIDEO of our new apartment... we are soooo tech savvy*

Okay... now for the resolutions part.  I know that resolutions usually start on January 1st, but here in California we start them on January 23rd... so here are my new years resolutions...

1) Eat Healthy-- this includes trips to trader joes often :)  (this also means I have to limit my ice cream intake... boo 2010)

2) p90X--  I did p30X summer of 2008 and wish I would have finished... now I'm going to!!  I only have 88 more days to go!!

3) Quiet Time--  I will have a quiet time, every day, no excuses.

4) No more baths-- this was literally stings to type.  I have spent LOTS of time in the bathtub.  I mean, the more pruny I become the happier my life is...  But from now on, it's only showers for this little lady!

5) 8AM alarm... everyday...  yuck yuck yuck

So there ya have it... the new and improved me!!  :)

I'm headed to the Disney casting office tomorrow... hopefully some sweet and magical human will be willing to talk to me for a few minutes and PERHAPS I'll report back tomorrow with a JOB!!!  We'll have to see!!

here we go 2010,


  1. Good for you! I can't imagine a better you, but I cannot wait to meet her! :) I love you! Valentine's Day card on its way in t-20 days!

  2. you have to indulge in trader joe's so i can live vicariously thru you. i know you will LOVE their healthy options...and the prices help!