things are looking up

Monday was awful.  I went back to the Disney casting office to hear the exact same thing that I've heard the other two times...  they can't help, the can't do anything, I just have to wait.  :(  I then proceeded to walk all around downtown Disney picking up applications and talking to ANY Disney managers I could find! :) One (named Helen) was super awesome and took my resume and said that she would love to call over to Casting for me! :)  I needed to hear that! :)  I came home with a stack of applications and a defeated heart!!!

I filled everything out and woke up Tuesday morning to go hand them all in--  everyone was really nice, but no one is hiring right now!  THANKFULLY, a lady asked me to come in for an interview at Sanuk (www.sanuk.com)-- and we hit it off! :)  Praise the Lord!!  She offered me a job and I ACCEPTED!  I am now a Downtown Disney Employee at the cutest little shoe place on the planet!  The owners of Sanuk also own Haagan Das, she asked if I had anything against Ice Cream-- to which I laughed in her face and simply replied, "no".

After I finished with the interview,  I went to the casting office again to ask about the status of my application (again).  A GREAT guy was SO helpful and actually spent some time with me!  He offered to call a few managers to have them look over my application... before I left he said, "this doesn't mean anything, it doesn't mean I'm getting you a job, or an interview is on the way... but I can tell you that I'm working to get your application noticed."  PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS SWEET MAN!  I think I skipped back to my car... I don't care who saw me... I skipped.

SOOOO  I start work on Tuesday-- I get to go to a Disney "class" to learn all about the Disney "look" and special cast member guidelines... :)  I CAN'T WAIT!!  Krista (my new manger) said that I would probably be board out of my mind at the class because I already know everything they are going to touch on-- she couldn't be any more WRONG!!! :) I can barely type fast enough to let you know how excited I am!!!

I'm not a Disney cast member yet, but I'm VERY VERY close!!  Plus, I don't work at Taco Bell!

yo quiero,

P.S. (hint*hint*size*6.5)  http://www.sanuk.com/product/341036/SWF1007/_/TWEEDY

P.P.S.  We're going to Universal tomorrow!  I can't wait!  I hope I get to meet Lucille Ball!!!!  


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay!! Congrats! I'm proud of you for being so persistent. It pays off! :)

  3. These are my favs. . .at least for today!


    I cannot wait to come visit in five weeks!!!

  4. gotta love how it almost takes having a job to get a job...kind of like how it takes having a credit card to get a credit card. please send my thoughts to GAP, INC. and make sure they know how am i supposed to have enough credit history for you to track if i'm trying to apply for a credit card with your corporation? geez.
    so excited for you and the sanuk gig! they're great shoes. and they'd be lucky to have you...especially since you have nothing against ice cream. : )
    i'm in the process of my give a day, get a disney day volunteer stuff!