2009 was awesome! :)  Here's a recap of what we were up to during the '09! :)

In January I learned how to ski! :)  Brady has been skiing/snowboarding since he was 6 months old (practically) so I couldn't have had a better teacher!  We went up to Wisconsin with an AMAZING youth group, made some great friends and only came home with a few bruises!  :)

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary :)  YAY! :)  (I don't have pictures to prove it... so just take my word... we made it!)

In 2007 on our annual girls trip we went to New York City and I fell in LOVE with the musical Legally Blonde!  I was lucky to have caught the original cast and immediately became a huge fan of Laura Bell Bundy!  In February Brady surprised me with a trip to go see Legally Blonde at the Fox in St. Louis-  the whole ride there I was trying not to get my hopes up because there was no way this Elle Woods would even compare to LBB... so imagine my surprise and excitement when LBB was understudying the part that night!  I can't believe Brady stayed married to me after this occasion-  I cried I loved it so much, sat on the very edge of my seat the whole time, plus he waited out in the freezing cold with me so I could get a picture with her!  GREAT memory from 2009! :)

I then had a Legally Blonde party and turned the log cabin into the Delta Nu sorority house!  My sweet friends Jane and Ashley (who are equally obsessed) came dressed as Paulette and Margot-- we laughed so hard, watched the musical and all we caught singing along the whole time!   (moo made a perfect Bruiser woods don't you think?)

Purple. Hair.

in March my precious and amazing friend, Lauren, took me to see our BFF Jessica in concert!!!!  WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!  Of course we dressed up like her and took about a zillion pictures.  We almost got kicked out for taking videos of her and got escorted to our seats numerous times for trying to make it closer to the stage-- oh so much fun! :)

we seriously waited for over an hour to try to meet her, but it totally didn't happen-- but we did get a shot of Daisy the pup-- which is almost just as good... right?

WE WENT TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!  I wish I could post every picture on here because my smile is so outrageous in every one-- I LOVE this place!!  We had so much fun with our dear friends, Martin and Amy for two days... then I went with Lauren, Meredith and Melissa and we literally sprinted the entire day!!

I went to Universal for the first time--  it wasn't Disney World.  (we did have an AMAZING tour guide though, thanks Ashley!!!)

Our Niece KATIE was born!! :)

The easter bunny came:

I took my niece Maggie to see Hannah Montana the movie!

We were blessed with the opportunity to serve at Camp Barnabas this summer-- it was absolutely amazing and an experience we will never forget!

Definitely a HIGHLIGHT of our year was heading to Wyoming in July!  Leading worship for this group of people was so humbling and so rewarding!  We had such great community that week!  Just thinking about it makes me smile!  :)

BRAZIL!  There are no words!!!  The friends we made on this trip honestly cross my mind on a daily basis!  The people we met, the things we experienced were so unreal.  Thank you to Gospel for Brazil for letting us be a part of something so spectacular!

My grandparent's celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a big party in Quincy!  We love our trips to Quincy! :)


The Kinney Family Reunion was a huge success this Labor Day weekend! :)  We always have a blast and laugh so hard!

We took our girls trip to Chicago, spent a day at an amazing spa and ate and incredible meal at the Melting Pot!

The Third Annual Cousin's Weekend fell in October of 2009!  This is one of my favorite times of every year!  This year we are hoping to make it to Florida--  I can't wait! :)

Halloween was a little less spooky and a little more sweet :)

Brian. Regan.

Cooper graduated! :)  A great weekend with family to celebrate Cooper's accomplishment!  We are so proud of you!

Christmas Party at Jane, Angela and Katie's... somehow I wound up at Mrs. Clause--  it was so fun :)


Writing this blog has completely humbled me at all of the amazing opportunities the Lord provided for us this year!  How blessed are we that we were able to meet so many amazing people and get to go so many beautiful places!  In 2009 we released a full album under the band name wrent and were able to raise money for those less fortunate than us.  Brady released an EP in December that is AMAZING!  If you haven't downloaded it on iTunes yet- you are CRAZY!  None of this would have been possible without His guidance and grace for us on a daily basis!  For that, we are entirely grateful!

Thanks for walking along this journey with us!  Here's to 2010!

brady, jennafer and anabelle


  1. I love your 2009 recap! Thanks for letting me journey with you! I love how much Brady's hair changes! I love YOU!

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