easter celebrations

We had a great day yesterday!  Brady got to be a part of all of Mosaic Church's festivities and I was able to make magic for guests spending their holiday with Mickey Mouse!

Imagine my surprise when I found out I got to be friends with the Easter Bunny on Easter!!!  HOPPY EASTER TO ME!!!!!
We compared feet sizes… I don't think Mr. Easter Bunny and I will be sharing shoes anytime soon!

This is Mr. Easter Bunny's favorite picture.  Who would have thought that the Easter Bunny was such amazing friends with the princesses!!

Mr. Easter Bunny and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Easter Bunny…

Then a few of my friends from work came with me to church and then a few of them came to our house to dye eggs and eat yummy easter snacks!!!!!

We had a major easter egg competition…

It's so fun making holidays special for people with families far away!  I hope all of these guys and gals felt so loved and at "home" with us! :)

hoppy easter,

ps- how cute is this yorky poo helping her momma color eggs??

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