haunted mansion

Last month a new and exciting adventure opened up in the Haunted Mansion que line!  When you get towards the front of the line you can choose to go right, straight towards the ride, or head to the left which takes you through a haunted interactive grave-yard.

This is all part of Disney's new "Next Generation Experience" and it is SO FUN to be here and watch all of these exciting new transitions happen!

Here's a tour through the haunted grave yard..
 You are greeted by these heads with riddles on how they died… at least we think they are riddles… we couldn't even figure one out… so maybe they are just rhymes that don't make sense…  
 When you walk by this large wall, if you touch any of these instruments you can magically hear it play for you!
 the haunted keyboard!!  Just touch the keys and they will play…  but they don't press down…  weird.
 this is fun… this grave spills water everywhere… as soon as you touch one of the holes then water comes out another escape…  
This was our favorite!  Voice recognition!!  They would magically write out a death and we would have to figure out how it happened…  usually they were pretty easy, but she wouldn't go on to the next one until we got it right!  We were purposely saying the wrong answers and it still wouldn't move!  It's so smart!!!!

So, just like the fork Anastasia comes to in her movie… I would recommend you "GO LEFT" next time you ride Haunted Mansion and tell all your friends you like to play in graveyards in your spare time…

happy haunting,

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