let the memories begin III

"I wasn't planning or expecting to visit with any characters during our latest trip to Disney World.  We were only there for three days and had lots of things planned; special tours, dining reservations, etc.  But as we finished our Around the World at Epcot tour, I saw Cinderella standing underneath a tree, with such a short line of people waiting to see her.  Cinderella was the first Disney movie I ever saw, and I had the book version memorized before I ever learned how to read because I asked my mom to read it to me so often.  I thought a picture with Cinderella would be a nice memory to share with my mom since the fairytale holds a special place in our hearts.  When my turn came to meet her, I handed my camera to my husband so he could take the picture, and I stepped up to her.  When she asked me if he was my prince, Disney magic took over me and I nearly started crying!  It was such a wonderful and magical moment that I'll never forget."

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