joel's birthday day

The BELLE woke Joel up with a special surprise!  (Joel has a really big crush on Belle… the cartoon character… weird.)

 Mickey wanted to celebrate with Joel and Brady couldn't WAIT to see his new meet-and-greet location.  Mickey gave me a pat on the back and I could tell as I gazed into his eyes that he is really thankful to have me making magic for him…  *sigh* I'm in love with a five foot mouse!!!!!

The whole birthday gang meeting Cinderella!  You know your birthday is a big deal with CINDERELLA wants to have her picture taken with you on your birthday!

then we ended our day with a surprise visit to see Belle in her village dress at Cinderella's royal table!  We were all blessed with free birthday ice cream and the most happiest birthday wishes from our dear friend and bookworm, Belle.  Thanks for making Joel's birthday so special!

I love my dearest friend, Belle!

whos birthday is next?

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  1. The princesses' new backdrops are SO MUCH better! So fun! I'll have to come back down!