mickey and jennafer

On March 13th a very special thing was waiting for me as I checked into work… MY ONE YEAR PIN!!!!  I honestly had tears in my eyes remembering back to one year ago on that day when I went through traditions and took my position in food and beverage at Disneyland!

Brady and I had worked so hard to make that dream turn into a reality and now 365 days later watching what the Lord has done with my Disney dream is an incredible journey I am unbelievably blessed to share with ya'll through this blog.

One of the greatest sights I've ever seen--

Humbled to serve an amazing God who cares about our smallest dreams and desires of our hearts!!!

here's to many more with a mouse,


  1. and i was the first one to greet you!!! congrats daughter, I am proud of where you have gone and what you have done!!!

  2. Congrats! I remember how excited you were that day you got your day one pin. . .you wore it into the drug store! :) I'm so proud of you for following your dreams! I tell almost everyone that! I think it is SO funny that your pin says "Branson" as where you are from! Will it say that forever. . .until you are CEO?