the eye that loved pink

so I get pink eye.   Like seriously all the time.

This week was no exception.

On Monday a little cutie patootie face pie walked up to me with cute red hair and a blue sundress on.  I looked deep in her eyes and an alarm went off *PINKEYEPINKEYEPINKEYEPINKEYE* but she had it in both eyes… weird.  So I stayed cool.  Didn't do the famous face-to-face hug and blew her a kiss and sent her on her way.

The next morning… I awoke to a little sumfin-sumfin hiding in the corner of my eye.


I've been out of work and missing it!!!!!  Pink eye is not as fun as Elle Woods would think.

Here's a picture diary of my poor left eye:  enjoy!

Day one:
 Day Two:
 Day Three:
 Day Four:
Day Five:

spraying lysol,

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