when you make magic for a living...

You get to go into the parks very early in the morning and get to capture a shot like this with your camera….

ahhhhh!!!  magic!

This picture means so much to me because of my favorite "legend" I heard while working at Disneyland.  Apparently one of Walt's favorite quotes to tell people was, "The only dream of mine that won't come true is I dream to be three inches taller."

Legend has it that a few days before the grand opening of the Disneyland park in Anaheim, California… a small team of imagineers took Walt to the famous "partners" statue that sits right in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.  They uncovered the beautiful statue and one leaned over and said, "Now ALL your dreams will come true."  They made the partner's statue "life size" (plus three additional inches)!

i love magic,

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  1. I love that story! Thanks, tour guide, Jennafer!