(universal studios)

Don't tell Mickey….  but I LOVED IT!  Becca and I ventured to Universal a few weeks ago for F-R-E-E!!!!  We chugged down yummy butter beers and got to ride the Harry Potter ride TWICE!!!  Everything there is pretty. stinkin. awesome.  It's missing pixie dust and the magic that our cast members bring to the theme park experience-- but they are doing something incredible down the road and I need to stop being so anti-universal all the time!

Don't get me wrong… I'm not rushing to sign up for a season pass or anything (get real)… BUT we had a great day and I'm looking forward to our next venture there!!!!

driving there--- I won't tell you if we got lost or not… but we did.
 the entrance to hogwarts:
 literally jaw-dropping amazing...
 beautiful hogwarts

 butter beer--- YUM!!!!!
 picking out a wand!!!!
 the candy shop!!!!!

 Dr. Suess World!!
 The Lorax… Brady's favorite Dr. Suess book!

 I love Lucy so much!!!
 mickey's still number one,

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  1. When we come next Spring (?), we can be Mickey traitors and go to Universal AND Legoland! Also, are you aware that you have yet to blog about the cruise and about how your friend, Auora, got to meet the most adorable children ever?????