I'm LOVING Disneyland... I mean, I knew I would... but I'm truly loving it!  I've been working at this great little BBQ place in Adventureland and having a BLAST!  It's not always easy... Guests are GRUMPY when they are hungry, but I'm trying to soak up every moment!

My costumes are awful... I mean, really really awful.  I smell like greasy food when I get home.  Anabelle LOVES attacking my apron when I roll through the front door.  BUT I'm having fun! :)  A lot of fun! :)

Everyday when I put on that dreaded costume I remind myself how hard I worked to have a costume and I'm so humbled at how the Lord has provided for us!

When I walk through backstage Disney on my way to work I keep my eyes peeled the ENTIRE time!  I love when I catch an open door to one of the many workshops on my route!  Last night I got to peek in the character painting room--  SO FUN! :)  I just love seeing how this place becomes the happiest place on earth! :)

Today I'm doing double duty-- Haagen Dazs in the morning and Bengel BBQ in the evening!

hi ho hi ho,

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