ying and yang


My parents are gone.  It's such a weird and empty feeling.  They were here for a full 10 days and we had a BLAST!  I can't believe everything we were able to do and see!  I'm very thankful that I was half asleep as I was giving hugs and saying goodbye.  I think if a consciously knew what was going on... it would have been awful!  Yesterday we drove around and we went around the car making sure we had done everything that everyone wanted to do.  When it got to me I felt completely satisfied with all that we had seen-- but now I'm thinking of 100 more things I wish we would have done!!!

We didn't take a ton of pictures-- but here's some fun stuff we did:

We RODE roller coasters!   In less than an hour my dad and I had ridden, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror TWICE and California Screamin'-- after that... we had to take a break :)


The Angel's game!  A dear dear friend graciously gave us these AMAZING tickets!  We had a waitress... at a baseball game.  It was UNREAL!  How do you tell someone "Thank You" for a blessing so huge!?!?!?  WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!

We had the best time!  Thanks for taking the time to come and visit us!  Counting down the days 'til it happens again!!!!! :)

someone please plan a trip fast,


Last night I had the opportunity to serve up some tasty Barbecue Skewers to a VIP! :)  It was towards the end of the night and a cute couple came to my line and placed an order.  When I asked for an annual pass, the lady handed me a cast member ID (one that I hadn't seen before) and I asked where she worked.  She said that she used to work in Florida in the Entertainment division.  We talked a little about how magical WDW is and how fantastic the Great Movie Ride will always be--  :)  as I was getting their drinks, I realized they were pointing at me... I had no clue what was going on... stranger things have happened in line...  but when I got back and gave them their order the man introduced himself as being a part of the Entertainment Department here at Disneyland and to get a pen and paper because he was going to give me two names I needed to call.  (I'm shaking at this point)... he asked how long I had worked at Disneyland and if I had ever thought of being a face character (obviously he doesn't realize that I think about being a face character at least three times a minute!)  I wrote down the names, the numbers and tried to keep my cool as I told him I would call early monday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPPEEE!  Please don't freak out and get all crazy excited on me.  This is FANTASTIC news-- but the reality is that probably nothing will come of this.  But I am encouraged and excited that I was noticed!! :)   God is so good at giving us little "nudges" to keep trekking on!!! :)  

I have a four hour foods class today--  excited to learn how I can be better at my job! :)  Not excited to sit in a freezing classroom!!

I'm going to clean the apartment today...  :)  YAY!  I got a new scent of pledge! :)  

I finally found my perfect work watch!!  :) 

so thankful the Lord has blessed me with "yangs" on this "ying" day,


  1. Whooo hoooo...sorry, but I am getting excited!!! So, it is Monday morning. . .CALL ME!!!!

  2. hope that great things continue to come your way! keep us posted. and love the new blog frame!